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Revoltech Patlabor figures

Found this on the DannyChoo webby. Brocken and Helldiver are coming from Revoltech!!!
I bought AVR-0 and Griffon, both from Revoltech some time ago. Take a look at the picture below. As you can see, they are extremely poseable and i mould them into this act from the comics finale itself.
I can’t tell you the scale since they dun specify it on the packaging, but they are 12cm high.
With the Brocken and Helldiver, i can soon create scenes from the comics and take snapshots for everyone to admire. I need to get my SLR-wannabe back from my girlfriend though.

Btw, for 66.6% of my readers, Revoltech is also coming out with figures from Macross. Go take a look bah.


Langka friend?

Went to meet the guy whose car i reversed into yesterday night.

Waited around 15min for him even though he lived along my street. I brought ah-girl down since she wanted to buy some ice cream. Made 2 phone calls before i managed to direct him to my location.
I went to his car immediately and tried to tell the work done even though its kinda dark liao. Apparently the workshop did a pretty good job. The front bumper looks as good as new. I noticed some crack on the license plate but decide to keep mum cos i didn’t feel that its serious. He handed me the receipt which i asked for, and what happened after tat was not to my expectation at all.
No, he didn’t punch me or spout expletives. We actually chatted. Like friends. We talked about why we went Toa Payoh that uneventful day. He was looking to apply for flat (same as me). I actually didn’t find talking to him bothering at all.
Maybe i might even call him out for coffee sometime, hahaha….

Monday blues

Its monday and i am whining. Why?

Walked the opposite way from my house today to the bus stop since i was planning to post something. Waited 10min+ for a feeder bus and getting more frustrated by the min. I shouldn’t be made to wait more than 12min for a feeder bus, not when this service is only about 10 stops for its whole service route. If i continue to wait, its very likely that i am going to miss my company bus and thus be late for work for the very first time.
So i turned around and walked back to my block and to another bus stop. Damn SBS.

Evening, before dinner, i was training my character at Showa, ATM (ok, so i am into MapleStory, so what?) when this pair of jokers decide to intrude and disturb my otherwise uneventful training. One was a female hermit and another is a Ice/Light mage. The hermit, being the more irritating one, keep insisting that i tell her my attack range. “Tell me and i will go" while all this time ks-ing me. Her friend, the mage joins in and practically ruin what could have been a fruitful 1 hour. I hecked care them and decide to stay, ignoring them all the while (as i always do, to brainless childish maplers). MapleStory is full of people like them, making use of their high-level characters to build up their ego in the otherwise pathetic real life. This game is not longer a game to them but a venue to feel they still have a worth in their lives. I feel sorry for them.

Lastly, tomorrow is tuesday, when i am supposed to meet the carpark lang-ka chap to pay him for the damages. The more i think of it, the more upset i am. Guess i just have to be more alert when it comes to parking next time.

Suzuki SX-4 at $59,000!!!!!!

If you are not a keen follower of car prices (lest Suzuki), you prob cannot tell if the title of this post was meant to be good news or bad news for yours truly.
Let me say this calmly, THIS IS THE HIGHEST PRICE SX-4 HAS EVER GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I have always wanted to buy SX-4 badly. I like the shape, design, interior although this car cannot compare to other (read: more expensive) makes. But this is as much as my pathetic pay as an engineer can allow. Speaking of engineer’s pay, i am very pissed at the perceived image of engineer (high pay, career) but thats another story.
So i am very disappointed to see the price rocketed when the stocks around the world went the other direction. According to the general rule of not spending more than 35% (or 30% if you are really a miser), i am still a number of years from that ideal paycheck. 7 years in fact.

Carpark incident

Met up my girlfriend and drove to HDB hub at Toa Payoh. Was trying to reverse into a parking slot when i hear a sickening “metal-kiss-metal" sound. Saw in my rearview mirror there’s this Latio and the driver was giving me this WTF look.

Went down, assess the damage. Not bad, i mean not too bad. Scratches on the left of my rear bumper, and a couple of scratches on his front, jus beside the car plate. Now i assess this chap. He didn’t seem ah beng, or tried to act like one. We managed to discuss without any expletives. I was trying to park my car but your car is too near, i horned you but you neber hear. I how to park my car if yours is so near? But my car very new leh, less than one month only… blah blah blah…

So i agreed to foot partly his bill, and i prob have to foot everything for my girlfriend’s dad’s car. I’d better tighten my belt for this month.

Bid to keep youngsters in Singapore

On saturday August 4th 2007 Straits Times, front page, “Boost for couples who want to live near parents"

I will directly copy out one paragraph.

“The impending change stems from feedback from a strings of dialogues and other discussions held since november last year aimed at findings ways to boost community ties at a time of hectic lifestyles, an ageing population and increased immigration."

I am doubtful that our gahmen knows wat exactly we wants. Do i want to feel attached to my estate? Do i want to continue living in a society whereby my success is judged my material possessions? Do i want a gahmen that focuses more on the image of the nation than folks who can barely earn enuff to survive? Do i want future nation leaders to spit words like “Get out of my fucking uncaring elite face"? Do i want to stay and build my future on this island?

No, no, no, no and no. Truth is, i witness a friend of mine immigrate to Aussie couple of weeks back. Although i won’t wholly agree on his reasons, i feel its only a matter of time i step off this island for somewhere better. I dun feel attached to this nation since its more managed like a private limited by our gahmen. More like i am jus a puny employee, part of the statistics.

Our minsters are like managers of a company, getting humongous paycheck while pathetic employees like me has even problems buying a suzuki. Do i seriously feel that the nation owed to our ministers for paving the way for us singaporeans? I think u know the answer…

The Girl in Byakkoya – Paprika OST

Absolutely, totally, extremely, intensely, utterly, fully, entirely, wholly hooked onto this song from the Paprika OST. You can get the song here but before tat, pls click on this first.