I am back to Taiwan again!!!

Having once did the 2008/2009 countdown, my gf and I are back to this lovely place again. This time, we plan to explore more places, eat more food and take more pictures! To start things off on a good start, a hearty breakfast at our T1 is a must.

As usual, we landed in 桃園 airport, terminal 1. The first hotel location is at 台中 and a bus ride there will take 2 hours. Since we arrived at around noon time, we took the skytrain to go to Terminal 2 for 7-11 to buy some food first (there is no convenience store at Terminal 1).

Skytrain was quite empty.

Saw these at Terminal 2. Icons for the 花博.

Bus tickets to 台中.

This one is nice. Got the smoked taste.

This one ok lah.

This one is nice.

I like this one. Can really taste the sweetness of the lobster meat inside, but don’t expect a lot inside lah.

We got onto the bus and another 2 hours later, we reached the station and took a cab to reach the famous 逢甲. We had to call the owner of the hotel to come and pick us up. The hotel is too secluded and we are not (supposed) to find it.

Once we checked in (took some time because he misplaced the room keys), we freshen ourselves up and went to take a bus to another famous place in 台中, 一中商圈.

The driver was quite chatty and was talking to my gf (when he was not honking at motorists).

Interesting shop we passed by.

Alighted and crossing over the bridge. See that 洪瑞珍? Its supposedly a very famous sandwich shop.

MMs waiting for bus.

Famous stall selling chicken cutlet, but the specialty is the charcoal grilled one.

This auntie has impressive memory. There is no queue but she can remember who buy what, has or has not paid.

Very nice. Better than the one from 士林.

This stall is selling grilled squid.

Not bad.

This name is famous for selling takopochi.

I ordered one box with wasabi. So good.

We walked and unknowingly came to this 中友百貨. This is one freaking big shopping center, made up of three blocks of 20 stories each. Can walk for one whole day.

This marks the end of day 1. We had to do some packing as we are going to stay one night at 清境.