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Guitar on Android!

Saw this video on youtube and went to download the application. But alas, i know nuts about music. Haha…



小弟我在找一頂拉風又有款有形的頭盔很久了. 想找個在我荷包容忍範圍內的也不是件易事, 好不容易有了以下兩種款式, 快來幫幫我吧.

No. 1 (747 Matt Black)

No. 2 (737 White)

No. 3 (737 Titanium Black)

No. 4 (737 Red)

No. 5 (747 Red)

其實都差不多, 分別在於顏色與那個可拆的 visor 而已.

Would you save it?

During certain times of the year, there is a sudden showing up of those winged ants, some not more than a centimeter, some an inch long.

These flying insects always appear in my toilet, trapped in the pails of water that my mum keep. Perhaps they are attracted by the reflections of the light above, misled that they were actually flying towards the moon.

I don’t like to see them struggling. I hate the sight of them inside the toilet bowl, pails.

So i save them.

Most of the time, i will use my clothing to help them out of their predicament, letting them have something to cling on to. Or i will fold small pieces of the toilet paper and lead them to climb on. Sometimes, i am quite puzzled by the length i go to save them.

But it was the reflection of the light source above that leads them to their doom. In the case, after i helped them out, it is only a matter of time before they start flying towards another water body again.

So that leads me to the question. If you know that something or someone you save will and is determined to seek another way to die, would you still do the rescue act in the first place?