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HDB subsidies – Fact or Myth?

A recent article in the papers and net was on the housing problem faced by young locals and some PRs.

But often i wondered if i am getting some real subsidy from HDB, or just some imaginary figures plucked by some scholar paid to make young singaporeans like me feel good.

Which brought me to this short story…


I am hawker I sell curry puffs at $100 each.

I run a generous Curry Puff Ownership Program that gives my customers a “market subsidy" of $90.

So customers buy my curry puffs at $10 each after this “market subsidy".

Therefore, I can report that I incur a deficit of $90 per curry puff through my Curry Puff Ownership Program!

But actually, the cost of my curry puff is actually only $0.25 to make, and I’m actually making a huge profit of $9.75 per curry puff sold.

But still, through my Curry Puff Ownership Program, I have a deficit of $90 per curry puff!




So, for a start, HDB can try to be a little more transparent and tell us how much in cost price does a 4/5 room flat is so that we, the lesser beings can appear to try to understand exactly how much subsidies are provided… Or can they?


How to be a babe magnet?

Having problems attracting girls? Can’t seem to have her for long?

Then you must read this

Pentax K-x

Cameras like DLSR always come in one single boring color. Want to have your favourite color on your camera? Now you can! Get the Pentax K-x!!! You can even match the grip color!!

I think the metallic brown goes very well with my Hero… (hint hint)