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Creative ad for movie

I didn’t know you can promote for a new movie with ads like this.


Beastly behaviour caught on tape

I am speechless when i saw this. GG to the toad/frog.

3rd Predator movie – Predators

Its been some time since i got to know that there is going to be a third movie about the fictional extraterrestrial trophy-hunting, spine-ripping, one-ugly-mother-****** Predator. Sorry, no Arnold Schwarzenegger again.

That’s me!!!

The new movie, simply named “Predators" does not continue from where the previous two ended. See the trailer first.

Set in a time close to present, this guy named Royce was abducted along with several strangers and left on this strange place. Strange because it looked like no place on earth and with creatures unseen before.

These bunch of people were no common folks like us. They were either killers in the form of trained soldiers or mafia or whatever, picked because of their reputation of an established “hunter", to be the game for for Predator’s hunting expedition.

While i am feeling lucky to be a common folk, I am also waiting eagerly for 9th July to come. I enjoyed the first Predator show greatly, Arnold helped much to make the show very entertaining. The second one was rather disappointing though, like most sequels. This third show has a lot of expectations to meet, especially when the general opinion after the two Alien vs Predator shows was sucky.

I can’t wait.

How do you know when it is time to go?

Go as in leave the current workplace, not go to heaven.

From time to time, you will experience setbacks, little failures and upsetting incidents at your workplace. Its unavoidable and we should try to accept the working life as such. That’s why its called work and not holiday.

But there is still a limit to frustrations. How do we actually know when the current job no longer suits us and its a good time to leave for hopefully greener pastures? Below are some of the few symptoms that i encountered and personally, i feel they are good indicators of “I’ve had enough!!!"

1. You dread waking up every (weekday) morning

Quite simply, you hate going to work. Alternatively, try go to bed earlier.

2. You lose that charming smile at workplace

You change from an approachable colleague to a sulking loner which isn’t the real you. You no longer crack jokes with colleagues and find yourself eating lunch alone in the canteen. Time to leave, its the environment that sucks, not you.

3. You are not a whiner by nature, but now you grumble at every little thing at work

You see, men are moulded by their environment. An unhealthy one will weaken men to become pussies and start complaining. Better look for a more challenging place.

4. Early in the morning, you start counting down to knock-off time

This is real sad. I believe we should live each day to the fullest and not by watching the hour hand move. If you find yourself stealing glances to your watch/clock every five minutes or so, you know its time.

5. Many many questions pop out, asking yourself why are you doing this

I recently got bothered by many self questioning during work. Is what I am doing now really value-adding? Do i learn anything real meaningful from this? Should i really be wasting time here doing this? If you get questions like these, change job please.

6. Flipping saturday’s Recruit section is becoming a routine

Face it, you wouldn’t be reading the most boring section of the papers if you are not looking for something. You would be looking if you are satisfied with what you are doing.

7. You are still reading, until this point

Trying real hard to know if you have had enough? If you come this far, its pretty obvious right?