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My thoughts on the PAP noobies so far

PAP has revealed many faces so far for the upcoming elections. Here are my thoughts on what some of them have done or said.

1) Mr Desmond Choo

“I understand how the poor feel"

Extracted unedited from TODAYonline.

“As a child, Mr Desmond Choo lived in a maisonette and made annual trips to Hong Kong to visit his father who was working there.

But those trips stopped after his father’s antique business failed and the family was plunged into financial distress.

“From being able to travel to Hong Kong every year to see him, suddenly, we had problems getting pocket money," recounted Mr Choo, 33. He added that his father had to borrow money to put food on the table.

Mr Choo’s family later moved to a four-room flat where they have stayed for the last 15 years.

His family’s experience helped shape his mentality that “no one should be left behind regardless of their financial situation", said Mr Choo as he explained why he entered politics."

If Mr Desmond Choo believes that, having stayed in a four-room flat, he can truly empathize with the really poor people of Singapore, I think he’s not gonna be very correct. Some people in Singapore, like yours truly, have never stayed in a four-room flat before. And I don’t even consider myself “poor" because I have seen and heard people who are worse off.

2) Dr Janil Puthucheary

“I’m fully invested"

Found on many websites, this was what he said.

“As for criticism that he did not serve national service, as he became a Singapore citizen at the age of 35, the paediatrician said he has been in public service: ‘I’ve spent the last 10 years saving kids’ lives.'"

Yes, you spent the last ten years of your life saving kids who might have otherwise died. You came to be a Singaporean when you were well past the age for National Service.

Dr Janil, please make no mistake what National Service means to Singaporean males. We “used up" two very precious years, getting miserable allowances, and came found ourselves having to play catch up with ladies of the same age. Being a paediatrician was a job you chose, but we didn’t chose NS. You were paid, i believed, handsomely for this job, we weren’t. And did you really think, only being a paediatrician or a doctor, you are the only one doing a part for the country? Aren’t we all chipping in for the GDP so that our ministers and president can get a fat paycheck? By saying what you said, you have just brushed off the contributions of every other professions, from a bank CEO down to the cleaner in a kopitiam. I feel disgusted.

To be continued.


Failed ninja compilation in Shogun 2

This video is hilarious. I hope I won’t get to see them inside my game though. If my ninjas failed, it will be disgraceful!

Heart-warming tweets from the Japanese

Japanese people have been very open on Twitter about their experiences following the quake. These snippets of what moved them and touched them during these very trying times are heart-warming. I have attempted a rough translation on some of them so that you can have a read. Please continue to pray for the people in Japan. I hope these mini-stories will bring strength and encouragement to my friends and family in Japan by letting them know that, not only does the world sympathize with them, it looks up to them in admiration! My thoughts are with you. —————————————————

* ディズニーランドでの出来事 ディズニーランドでは、ショップのお菓子なども配給された。ちょっと派手目な女子高生たちが必要以上にたくさんもらってて「何だ?」って一瞬思ったけど、その後その子たちが、避難所の子供たちにお菓子を配っていたところ見て感動。子供連れは動けない状況だったから、本当にありがたい心配りだった At Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo Disneyland was handing out its shops’ food and drinks for free to the stranded people nearby. I saw a bunch of snobby looking highschool girls walking away with large portions of it and initially though “What the …” But I later I found out they were taking them to the families with little children at emergency evacuation areas. Very perceptive of them, and a very kind thing to do indeed.

* 国連からのメッセージ 国連からのコメント「日本は今まで世界中に援助をしてきた援助大国だ。今回は国連が全力で日本を援助する。」 に感動した。良い事をしたら戻ってくるのです。これがいい例なのです Message from the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon: “Japan is one of (the UN’s) most generous and strongest benefactors, coming to the assistance of those in need the world over. In that spirit, the United Nations stands by the people of Japan and we will do anything and everything we can at this very difficult time.” I was moved at his words. What better example that good things happen to those who do good.

* 渋滞した交差点での出来事 一回の青信号で1台しか前に進めないなんてザラだったけど、誰もが譲り合い穏やかに運転している姿に感動した。複雑な交差点で交通が5分以上完全マヒするシーンもあったけど、10時間の間お礼以外のクラクションの音を耳にしなかった。恐怖と同時に心温まる時間で、日本がますます好きになった。 At a congested downtown intersection … Cars were moving at the rate of maybe one every green light, but everyone was letting each other go first with a warm look and a smile. At a complicated intersection, the traffic was at a complete standstill for 5 minutes, but I listened for 10 minutes and didn’t hear a single beep or honk except for an occasional one thanking someone for giving way. It was a terrifying day, but scenes like this warmed me and made me love my country even more.

* 揺れている最中でも・・・ 聞いた話でびっくりしたのが、とっさに「入口の確保」と揺れてるにも関わらず、あの状況で歩いて入口を開けた人が居たのが凄いと思った。正直、シャンデリアも証明も何時落ちるか分からないのに、凄く勇敢な人が居た事に感動した。 During the earthquake We’ve all been trained to immediately open the doors and establish an escape route when there is an earthquake. In the middle of the quake while the building was shaking crazily and things falling everywhere, a man made his way to the entrance and held it open. Honestly, the chandelier could have crashed down any minute … that was a brave man!

* バス停で・・・ バスが全然来ない中、@saiso が、バス停の前にある薬局でカイロを買ってきて、並んで待ってる人みんなに配った! Bus stop mini episode: It was freezing and bus was taking ages to arrive. “@saiso” left the queue to run to a nearby pharmacy. He bought heating pads and gave one to everyone in the queue!

* ディズニーシーにて ディズニーシーに一泊した娘、無事帰宅しました!キャストのみなさんが寒い中でも笑顔で接してくれて不安を感じることなく過ごせたそうです。防寒のカイロやビニール袋、夜・朝の軽食と飲み物、おやつまで。ディズニーの素晴らしさに感動です。頑張ってくれたキャストさん、ほんとにありがとう!! Thank you Tokyo Disney Sea My daughter who was staying at DisneySea just made it back home! Many, many thanks to the staff who worked very hard in the cold with ready smiles that made her to feel safe and secure during the entire night. They brought her food, drinks, snacks, heating pads, and anything necessary to ensure she was comfortable and secure throughout her stay. I was touched by the Disney staff’s warmth and hospitality. Thank you so much!

* 日本人の良さを再認識 この地震が、きっかけになって、失いかけていた日本人本来の良さが戒間見れた気がする。犯罪はする様子はなく、助け合い、律儀、紳士的。普段日本人は冷たい人が多い…。って個人的に感じてるんだけど、多くの人が今回で「絆」を取り戻しつつあるように見えて、それがなんか感動して、泣けてくる。 Reminded of the goodness of the Japanese people This earthquake has reminded me of that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see. Today I see no crime or looting: I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears.

* 段ボールに感動 ホームで待ちくたびれていたら、ホームレスの人達が寒いから敷けって段ボールをくれた。いつも私達は横目で流してるのに。あたたかいです。 Card board boxes, Thank you! It was cold and I was getting very weary waiting forever for the train to come. Some homeless people saw me, gave me some of their own cardboard boxes and saying “you’ll be warmer if you sit on these!” I have always walked by homeless people pretending I didn’t see them, and yet here they were offering me warmth. Such warm people.

* 外国人から見た日本人 外国人から見た地震災害の反応。物が散乱しているスーパーで、落ちているものを律儀に拾い、そして列に黙って並んでお金を払って買い物をする。運転再開した電車で混んでるのに妊婦に席を譲るお年寄り。この光景を見て外国人は絶句したようだ。本当だろう、この話。すごいよ日本。 What foreigners are saying about Japanese people At a supermarket where everything was scattered everywhere over the floors, shoppers were helping pick them up and putting them back neatly on the shelves before quietly moving into line to wait to pay for them. On the totally jam-packed first train after the quake, an elderly man gave up his seat for a pregnant woman. Foreigners have told me they are amazed witnessing sights like these. I do believe they actually saw what they said they saw. Japan is truly amazing.

* メディアの動きについて ツイッターやUSTでの状況共有と、それに連動するマスコミの動きは、阪神淡路大震災の時とは比べ物にならない質の高さを感じる。もちろん過去の辛い経験から得た教訓を、みんな活かそうとしている感動。 Information network this time around The information sharing efforts on Twitter or USTREAM, together with the quality of coverage and crucial updates provided by the mass media this time around is incomparable to what we got during the Kobe earthquake. I am deeply impressed by Japan’s successful efforts and ability to put to practice lessons learnt from past tragedies.

* 絵師さん 絵師さんたちがこの地震でみんなに元気付けようと必死に美しい絵や励ましのイラストを描いていることに感動。みんな自分にできることをしたいと思っているんだね。 Touch of art I saw artists and painters trying to keep things upbeat by painting or drawing beautiful or encouraging drawings for the evacuees around them. I was touched at how everyone was doing their very best to help.

* BBCの報道 本当に感動。泣けてくる。⇒BBCめっちゃ誉めてる。地球最悪の地震が世界で一番準備され訓練された国を襲った。その力や政府が試される。犠牲は出たが他の国ではこんなに正しい行動はとれないだろう。日本人は文化的に感情を抑制する力がある。 BBC Reports The words of BBC’s reports are so moving they make me cry. They were praising us with words of admiration! “One of the worst earthquakes in recorded history has hit the world’s most well-prepared, well-trained nations. The strength of its government and its people are put to the test. While there have been casualties, in no other country could the government and the people have worked together in such an accurate and coordinated way in the face of such tragedy. The Japanese people have shown their cultural ability to remain calm in the face of adversity.”

* 父親の行動 1階に下りて中部電力から関東に送電が始まってる話をしたら、普段はTVも暖房も明かりもつけっぱなしの父親が何も言わずに率先してコンセントを抜きに行った。少し感動した。 A little story about Papa We live in an area that was not directly hit. When my father came downstairs and heard the news saying that our area had begun allocating electricity to the hard-hit areas, he quietly led by example, turning off the power around the house and pulling the plugs out of their sockets. I was touched. He usually NEVER turns off the lights or the AC or the TV or anything!

* 整列する日本人 日本人すごい!!こんな時にも山手線ホームできれいに整列してる …涙。有楽町駅を上から眺む。 Japanese people don’t shove I’m looking at Yurakucho station from above. I see people standing in line, not pushing or shoving to get onto the Yamanote Line (probably the busiest line in central Tokyo), even at a time like this!

* パン屋 昨日の夜中、大学から徒歩で帰宅する道すがら、とっくに閉店したパン屋のおばちゃんが無料でパン配給していた。こんな喧噪のなかでも自分にできること見つけて実践している人に感動。心温まった。東京も捨てたもんじゃないな。 The bakery lady There was a small bread shop on the street I take to go to school. It has long been out of business. But last night, I saw the old lady of the shop giving people her handmade bread for free. It was a heart-warming sight. She, like everyone else, was doing what she could to help people in a time of need. Tokyo isn’t that bad afterall!

* 日本ってすごい 日本って凄い。官僚も民間も、皆で助けようとしてる。トラックの運転手も有志で物資運んでるらしいし、東北の交通整備をヤクザさんがやってるという話も聞いた。最近、日本に対して誇りを持てないことが続いていたけれど、そんなことない。日本は凄い国だ。素直に感動してる。日本国の皆さん頑張ろう! Japan is a wonderful nation! Both the government and the people, everyone is helping one another today. There are truck drivers helping evacuees move. I even heard that the “yakuza” (gangsters, organized crime groups) are helping to direct traffic in the Tohoku region! There have been many recent developments that have made me lose my sense of pride in my country, but not anymore. Japan is an amazing place! I’m just simply touched. Go Japan!

* twitterすごい Twitterの方々の情報とかが一致団結しててすごくたすかります。みなさま親切です!!こういうとき、なんか、感動します。最近は近所とつきあいなかったり冷たい世の中だとか思ってたけどそんなことなかったね。 Twitter is amazing! The information shared to us all by the twitter community has been amazingly consistent with each other and has been so helpful. Thank you Twitterers! I’m very moved. People recently talk about social networks replacing traditional social life and making people cold and unsociable in real life. But … I guess that’s not true at all.

* ドイツ人の友達 ドイツ人の友達が地震が起きた時に渋谷に居て、パニックになっていた所を日本人に助けてもらったらしく、その時の毅然とした日本人の態度や足並み乱さずに店の外に出てやるべきことを淡々とこなす姿にひどく感動し、まるでアーミーのようだったと言っていた。 From a German friend A German friend of mine was in Shibuya (downtown Tokyo shopping district) when the earthquake hit. He was panicking when a Japanese passerby saved him, taking him into a building. My friend was blown away at how calm and disciplined this Japanese man was. He went out of the building with firm, unfaltering steps, did everything he was trained to do and came back. My German friend was deeply impressed by the Japanese people’s actions during the earthquake, saying they looked like a trained army.

* スーパーでの出来事 スーパーで無事買物出来ましたヽ(´o`; でもお客さんのほとんどが他の人の事を考えて必要最低限しか買わない感じだったのが感動しました(涙) At the supermarket I just came back safely from the supermarket! Man, I was so touched at how everyone there was mindful of others, buying only as much as they needed and leaving the rest for the people behind them.

* 御殿場で 実際日本すごいよ。昨日信号が一カ所も機能していない御殿場市でもお互いにドライバー同士譲り合ってたし、地元のおじいちゃんおばあちゃんが手信号やってくれてたりで、混乱もなく本当感動した。9時間運転してたけど前車を煽るようなドライバーはもちろんいなかったし、みんな譲り合い精神。 Gotenba traffic Japan is really something! Yesterday, not a single traffic light was functioning in Gotenba City. But drivers knew to take turns at intersections and give way to others when needed. Local people were using flags to direct traffic at intersections. I drove for 9 hours but never saw a single car trying to get in front of another. Every single driver on the road contributed to the traffic situation and as a result there was no confusion at all.

* 「みんな」 タクシー運ちゃんと電車駅員さんとおばさんと話したけど、みんな遅くまで帰れなかったりしてすごく疲れているのに、苛立つ事なく、言葉遣いもふるまいも丁寧で、逆に気遣われてしまった。「みんな大変だから」という"みんな"って意識があることに感動するし、私も受け継いで大事にしたい文化。 “All of us” I spoke with an old taxi driver and some elderly staff at the train stations. All of them had been working non-stop and had not been able to go home for a long time. They were visibly very tired, but never once did they show any sign of impatience; they were gentle and very caring. They told me “… because all of us are in this together.” I was touched at what the notion of “all of us” meant to these elderly people. It is a value I will treasure and carry on to my generation.

* 日本の強さ サントリーの自販機無料化softbankWi-Fiスポット解放、色んな人達が全力で頑張っててそれに海外が感動・協力してる。海外からの援助受け入れに躊躇したり自衛隊派遣を遅らせたりしてた阪神淡路大震災の頃より日本は確実に強い国になってるんだ。みんな頑張ろう。 A strong Japan Suntory Beverages has set up free vending machines. Softbank Telephone services is offering free Wifi spots. Everyone in Japan is putting everything they can into helping one another. Japan is also now receiving aid from abroad. Compared to the Kobe earthquake, when Japan took too long to contemplate accepting foreign aid or dispatching the self-defense force to join the rescue effort, Japan has definitely grown into a far stronger nation. Be strong, everyone!

* 朝礼 今朝の朝礼で「何があっても決して不安な顔は見せずに売り場に立つ以上はおもてなしをする気持ちを忘れずにお客様を安心させてあげてください」ちょっと感動した。がんばるか。開店です! Morning Ceremony At the shopping center I work at, every morning we have a ritual (common in Japan) where we stand and recite, “No matter what the situation, I will never show anxiety before my customer; in all customer-facing situations I will treat my customers with respect and do everything I can to make them feel comfortable and at ease”. Today, these words were all actually kind of touching. Well, so the day begins! Here we go people, open shop!

* 井上さん 井上雄彦さんがものすごい勢いで笑顔のイラストをいっぱいあげてて感動する。励ましとか勇気とかメッセージって、こういうことなんだなーと思う。 RT@inouetake Smile42. Mr. Inoue Mr. Inoue has been churning out drawings of smiling and laughing faces at an amazing pace! Things like this remind me again of what it truly means to give people a message of strength and courage.

* 学び TLの拡散希望を見て思ったことは、阪神淡路大地震から学んだことがとても多くツイートされていること。当たり前のことなんだけど、やはり人間は、学んで考えることができる生き物なんだと改めて思い、感動した。 Lessons Learnt What caught my attention on twitter is that a lot of the tweets were about the Kobe earthquake and how what we have learned from it has been put into practice this time around. I know it goes without saying, but I was once again reminded of how humans are indeed creatures that possess the amazing ability to think and learn from experience. It’s a great thought.

* ローマから ローマにいる友達からメール。ローマの人々はニュースを見ながらこのような状況でも冷静に対処する日本人に感動し、尊敬の念を覚えながら、非常に心配しているとのことです。 Message from a friend in Rome My friend in Rome emailed me. He said that people in Rome are watching the news and sharing their amazement and their heartfelt respect at how, even at a time like this, the people of Japan are able to remain calm and systematically respond to the situation. People in Rome are thinking of us and are very concerned for us.

* 声をかけること 昨日、裏の家の高1になるお兄ちゃんに感動した。 家に1人で居たらしく、地震後すぐ自転車で飛び出し近所をひと回り。 【大丈夫ですか―――!?】と道路に逃げてきた人達にひたすら声掛けてた。あの時間には老人や母子しか居なかったから、声掛けてくれただけでもホッとしたよ。 ありがとう。 A strong voice Yesterday, I was impressed and touched by the actions of my neighbor’s 13-year-old-boy. He was home alone when the earthquake hit. But instead of hiding, as soon as the earthquake quieted down, he jumped on his bicycle and road around the block repeatedly shouting at the top of his voice, “Is everyone alright? Is everyone okay?” At the time, there were only women and children and the elderly in the homes. I cannot describe how comforting it was just to hear a strong voice asking if I was okay. Thank you!

* 助け合い 警備員の友人何人かが町田〜相模大野で夜間警備のボランティアをしていたので手伝ってきた。年齢問わずいろんな知らない人同士が助け合っていて心強かった。ちょっと感動してトイレの隅で泣いた。 The beauty of helping one another I went out last night to help some friends who were volunteering as security personnel between Machida City and Sagami Ohno City. I saw total strangers, both young and old, helping each other along everywhere I turned and was heartened with an overwhelming feeling of encouragement. I was so touched I hid behind the toilets and cried.

* バイクでよければ 僕は感動しました。バイトの先輩が1人でも救うために寒い中紙に「バイクでよければ送ります」と書き駅前で掲げ鳶職のお兄ちゃんを所沢まで送ったそうです。世の中まだ捨てたもんじゃないなって思いました。本当に尊敬です!!自分もなんか人の役に立ちたいと生まれて初めて思いました。 I just have a bike I’m so touched! My colleague at my part time job, wanting to help even just one extra person, wrote a sign saying “I just have a bike, but if you don’t mind hop on!”, rode out on his motorbike, picked up a stranded construction worker and took him all the way to Tokorozawa! Respect! I have never felt so strongly that I want to do something helpful for others.

* 乗り合い 浦和美園からタクシー使えると思ったのが甘かった…30分歩いてたら知らない人が車に乗せてくれた(つд;*) 人間の優しさに感動。ありがとうございました。 Sharing your ride It was stupid of me to think I could catch a cab at Urawamien Station. I ended up walking 30 minutes and then finally was picked up by a stranger who offered to give me a lift. I’m touched by the warmth of human kindness. Thank you, thank you!

* 開放 昨日、歩いて帰ろうって決めて甲州街道を西へ向かっていて夜の21時くらいなのに、ビルの前で会社をトイレと休憩所として解放してる所があった。社員さんが大声でその旨を歩く人に伝えていた。感動して泣きそうになった。いや、昨日は緊張してて泣けなかったけど、今思い出してないてる。 Rest here! Last night, I decided, rather than stay at the office, I should try walking home. So I slowly made my way west on Koshu freeway on foot. It was around 9PM when I saw an office building that had a sign that said “Please use our office’s bathrooms! Please rest here!” The employees of the office were loudly shouting out the same to all the people trying to walk home. I was so touch I felt like crying. Well, I guess I was too tense yesterday to cry, but now the tension is wearing off and am very much in tears.

* コンビニ 停電地区のほとんどの店が店を閉めてる中、あるセブンイレブンが店内陳列棚にいくつもろうそくを置いて、営業をしていた。レジが使えないため在庫確認用のハンディで値段確認し読み上げ、もう1人が電卓で計算、もうひとりが懐中電灯で照らす。その状態でレジ2台稼動させていた。感動した。 At the convenience store While most of the convenience stores near the station were closed because of the quake, there was just one Seven Eleven that was open. The employees had lit lots of candles and put them on the stores shelves. The cash register was not working and they could not take inventory, so the employees worked in threes, one reading up the item description and price, another punching the numbers into a calculator, and the last one using a flashlight to help them work. The store managed to operate both “cash registers” efficiently this way. Impressed!

* 避難所 長女いわく、横浜の避難所に向かう時に、知らない人達と声を掛け合い、場所を教え合っていたそうです。普段は冷たいと思っていた他人の優しさに触れ、感動したそうです。日本人のいざという時の団結力を再認識しました。まだまだ日本も捨てたものではないです。 On the way to the emergency evacuation area My oldest daughter was making her way to Yokohama’s emergency evacuation area. Total strangers were helping each other out and showing each other the way to the emergency evacuation area. She told me she was moved at how strangers, who can seem so cold at times, showed her kindness and care. I was reminded at the Japanese peoples’ inherent ability to immediately unite in the face of adversity. Today, I have discovered a newfound faith in my nation and my people.

* 呼びかけ 何時間も歩き続けてたんだけど、至る所でトイレかしますとか、休憩できますとか言うビルや飲食店が沢山あって感動しました。とある企業ビルの人がボランティアで、○○線運転再開ですー!とか、休憩できますー!!って呼びかけてるの見て感動して泣きそうになったマジでw日本も捨てたもんじゃないな A big, kind voice I’ve been walking for many hours now. I’m touched at how everywhere I turn, there are shops open with people shouting “Please use our bathroom!” or “Please rest here!” There were also office buildings where people with access to information were voluntarily shouting out helpful tips, like “**** line is now operational!” Seeing things like this after walking for hours and hours made me feel like weeping with gratitude. Seriously, there is still hope for this country!

* ホームにて 都営大江戸線の光ヶ丘方面行きは、非常に混雑しています。ホームにも、改札の外にも、電車を待つ溢れんばかりの人。でも、誰一人列を崩さず、通路を開け、係員の誘導に従っている。ロープがあるわけでもないのに、通る人のための通路スペースが。その不自然なほどの快適さに、ただただ感動するばかり。 On the platform The Oedo Subway Line for Hikarigaoka is very congested. On the platform and at the gate there are just crowds and crowds of people waiting for the train. But in all the confusion, every last person is neatly lined up waiting his or her turn while managing to keep a passage of space open for staff and people going the other way. Everyone is listening to the instructions from the staff and everyone acts accordingly. And amazingly … there isn’t even a rope or anything in sight to keep people in queue or open space for staff to pass, they just do! I am so impressed at this almost unnatural orderliness! I have nothing but praise for these people!

* 駅員さん 終夜運転のメトロの駅員に、大変ですねって声かけたら、笑顔で、 こんな時ですから!だって。捨てたもんじゃないね、感動した。 Station staff I said to a Tokyometro station staff who was on all-night duty, “I’m sure it has been a tough night for you. Thank you.” He responded with a smile, “On a night like this, gladly!” I was touched.

* おっちゃん 昨日4時間かけて歩いて帰ってきた主人。赤羽で心が折れそうになってた時「お寒い中大変ですね!あったかいコーヒーどうぞ!」って叫びながら無料配布してるおっちゃんに出会った。これがあったから頑張れたそうだ。もう5回もこの話をしてくるので本当に嬉しかったんだと思う。おっちゃんありがとう。 Coffee My husband finally got home very late last night after walking for 4 hours. He told me he felt like giving up at around Akabane, when an elderly man who was going around handing out free coffee saw him, gave him a steaming cup and said, “You must be tired and cold. Here, have some coffee!” My husband told me that it was because of this elderly man that he found the will and strength to continue walking. I’ve already heard this story from him five times tonight, so no doubt he was really, really touched! Thank you to my husband’s anonymous helper!

* 献血の列 日本は強いです!大阪難波の献血施設は被災地の方の為に超満員の順番待ちでした。私欲の無い列を初めて見ました。感動しました。被災地の方々、全国でその辛さを受け止めます。諦めずに頑張って下さい! Blood donations Japan is strong! At Osaka I saw a LONG line of people waiting to give blood at the blood donation center. This is the first time I have seen such a queue of selfless people waiting patiently in line just to give. It was a moving sight! To everyone in the hard-hit areas, we your countrymen accept your suffering as our own and we share in your grief. Do not give up! Stay strong!

* 節電営業 近所のスーパー・サミットに来てみたら、通常深夜1時まで営業なのに大きい看板が付いていなかった。早めに店を閉めたのかと思ったら、外の電気だけ消して節電しつつ営業していた。ちょっと感動 Saving electricity for the North I went to my neighborhood supermarket and was initially surprised that their neon signs were off. They usually are open till 1AM. I then found out that they were open, but were saving electricity so that more power could be channeled to the hard-hit coastal areas. Wow!

* 買うのやめるわ バイト先に若いお兄さんたちが軍団でお酒を買いに来たんだけど、その中の一人が「やべえ、オレお酒のためにしかお金持ってきてないから募金できん。ちょっとこれ買うのやめるわ」って言って商品返品してそのお金全部募金してた。お友達も続々と募金しててすごい感動した。 すごいよ Not enough money! At the store where I work, a huge group of young men suddenly came in to buy booze. One of them suddenly said, “Oops, I only have enough money to buy booze, I can’t donate! Forget the booze, maybe next time!” and instead put ALL his money into the disaster relief donation box. One by one, every single one of the army of youths threw all their money into the box after him. What a heart-warming sight that was!

* いつでも買える 今日、募金箱に金髪にピアスの若い兄ちゃんが万札数枚入れていた。そしてその友人に「ゲームなんていつでも買えるからな」と言っていたのが聞こえて私含め周りの人達も募金していた。人は見た目じゃないことを実感した。そんなお昼でした。 この話感動しました。 Goth youth A goth youth with white hair and body piercings walked into my store and shoved several hundred dollars (several tens of thousands of yen) into the disaster relief fund donation box. As he walked out, I and people around me heard him saying to his buddies, “I mean, we can buy those games anytime!” At that, we all opened our wallets and put our money into the donation box. Really, you cannot judge people by their appearances.

* 絶対うまいはず 僕も秋葉からの帰りにおにぎりとみそ汁配ってる方に会いました、感動しました、チャリだったからダイジョブです他の人にって言ったけどもらっておけばよかったなぁ絶対うまかったと思う They looked absolutely delicious! I too saw the guy handing out free rice balls and miso soup on the way back from Akihabara. I was on my bicycle so I told him, “I’m okay, please give it to other people!” On hindsight, I should have taken one … they looked absolutely delicious!!

* お菓子いっぱい すごい。弟たった今ディズニーランドから帰宅したんだけど。新品のお菓子袋いっぱいにもらってきて、客全員分の帰りの交通費負担してくれたんだって。一晩中、何か言えば全て対応してくれたって。やっぱり世界のディズニーランドなんだね。 Another Disney episode Amazing! My brother just managed to get home from Disneyland right now. He’s got bags and bags of free sweets. Furthermore, Disneyland paid for every customer’s travel fare back. All night long, the staff responded immediately and fully to every request he made. Disneyland is truly a world class brand!

* 困ったときは! 昨日青葉台駅で帰宅困難者が溢れる中、車に乗ってる人が「○○方面の方どうぞ!」って行って車に乗せてた。「困った時はみんな一緒ですから!」って言ってた。超感動したの思い出した。 Same boat! Last night, Aobadai station was jammed with stranded people unable to get home. But there were private cars with drivers shouting “If you’re going in the direction of ****, please hop on!” I was able to hitch a ride on one of them. When I thanked the driver, he replied “No worries! We’re all on the same boat. We have to stick together!”

* 充電されたい方は・・・・ 避難所にいたときに、社会人1年生で、研修でこっちにきてた女の子が、たまたま携帯のバッテリーも持参してたらしく、体育館のコンセントを使用する許可ももらい、「携帯の充電をされたい方は、ご自由につかってください」と呼びかけて回ってたんだ。僕はその子にとても感動したんだよ・・ Need to charge your phone? At the emergency evacuation area, a young first-year intern at my company who had brought her phone’s charger got permission from the facility to use their power socket and went around shouting “Anyone need to charge their phone? Please use my charger!” Just a little thing, but I was touched.


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Some comparison it is.

At a forum for contributors to the government feedback portal, our dear SM Goh said this words.

“How many of you followed the latest tragic events in Japan with the tsunami…and then put into context our floods in Singapore against that kind of disaster.

“I am not saying we shouldn’t do anything about the flood. But the amount of noise you made with just sporadic flood compared to the Japanese. I saw them on TV. Very stoic looking. You don’t see them crying. This has happened, just get on, that’s the kind of spirit you want to have and you call it nation building."

My initial reaction was like WTF?

Firstly, isn’t SM Goh a tad too insensitive to use Japan as a comparison, now? When they are still reeling in from the tsunami and earthquake?

Secondly, flooding in Singapore was of a totally different mechanism from the tsunami in Japan. One is a consequence of poor design/planning while the other is a natural disaster and un-avoidable. So what’s the link, may i ask SM Goh?

Thirdly, can our ministers compare their salary to their counterparts in Japan and see the difference in the way they handled the tragedy? For whatever they are getting, Japan can and had effectively reduced the number of casualties to a large degree. For the relatively much higher salary SM Goh and Minister Yacoob are getting, getting Bukit Timah or Orchard Rd flood-free seems almost insignificant. The Once-In-50 Years excuse don’t cut it with majority of Singaporeans, for our expectations of the ministers are much higher since it should be proportional to the salary paid.

Seriously, I think the ministers are really not understanding what Singaporeans are thinking.

2010 Taiwan – Day 6 (台南)

As we had to rush for early train today, we took our breakfast at the nearby KFC.

The menu was so different from what we had back home.

Chicken porridge with floss.

The train station was just across the road from the KFC. We got the tickets…

and waited around the platform.

And we reached!

View of the Tainan 台南 train station from the road outside.

There was this tourist information counter, where we got to know about the package bus cum tourist spots tickets.

This is the ticket which consists of the bus ride (unlimited) and entrance fees to three locations of your choice. You can get this package from the bus stop opposite the train station…

The bus was filled with screens telling you where you are at and what is the next location. Extremely useful for tourists.

First stop: Anping Old Fort (Fort Zeelandia) or 安平古堡

The entrance to the fort.

The history behind this old fort.

Lots of old cannons.

This display showed the weapons used by the Dutch during the attack, versus the…

locals and their less advanced weapons.

This is the statue of Zheng Ho, a local hero famous for defeating the Dutch who were occupying parts of southern Taiwan.

Before we board the bus again to the next location, its time to sample the local delicacies.

Fried oyster roll. Yummy.


Oyster omelette.

Prawn roll.

Meatball soup.

The next place was the 赤崁樓 or Fort Provintia.

Its to the 天後宮 after that.

And 孔子廟.

We left the place, having used up all the three free locations and paid for the last.

Its time to go to the local night market, even though its pretty early still.

On our way to the night market, we saw this. Believe it or not, this is actually the entrance to a cafe. And its the only entrance. Discriminating towards plump people ah?

These cubes of black tofu were actually solidified duck blood. A delicacy I cannot find back home anymore.

Stall selling cheese potato.

Almost a bargain.

Can be a whole meal if you are not a big eater.

Stall selling 棺材板, or bread with gravy.

Came like this. Open up and you will see…

Since it was still early and we were too full to eat another thing, we thought it was a good idea to play some games at the stalls.

Its more for kids actually.

The ammunition.

The reward.

It was time to go back to 高雄.

By the time we reached back, we felt hungry again. Hehe. Supper!

This last photo for the day is for 33.3%.

The more they throw, the more disgusted I am.

Election is coming very soon. The incumbent gahmen, desperate to hold onto their positions, began to throw out all sorts of benefiting policies/money to make the generally forgetful Singaporeans even more likely to forget all the “mistakes" or shortcomings the gahmen had.

Aren’t we supposed to have a clean gahmen, made up of ministers who have integrity to try their very best to serve the very people who voted them into the parliament the last time round?

Really makes me wonder if the ministers, already so highly paid, seek in their positions. Do they really meant to serve the general public, or what?

What i read in the papers nowadays really is appalling.

Audi commercials

Really liked the way Audi takes aim at Mercedes, BMW and Lexus in these commercials.