The passing of someone great, someone of Steve Jobs status, will inevitably invoke strong emotions from the masses. People starting writing his “famous" quotes on their Facebook walls, claiming like how Steve Jobs will inspire them to stay hungry for success.

Oh, so did Steve Jobs say those “famous" words just before he died? How can someone only start to inspire or motivate you when they are dead? Or do you only know of his greatness when he passed on?

Stop all this bullshitting please.

I won’t quote any of his words here. I am not going to write a 500-word article on how he turned Apple around. I am not going to list down his achievements or anything. It doesn’t create any value in cyberspace, except to join in the latest fad of claiming to be somehow, vaguely, in any sense having anything to do with Steve Jobs (and owning an I-product doesn’t bring you any closer).

I am not a fan of his products or company, but I appreciate what he has done for the technology industry. Steve Jobs is a genius who left a legacy behind, and it will be interesting to see how it goes without him.