Went to meet the guy whose car i reversed into yesterday night.

Waited around 15min for him even though he lived along my street. I brought ah-girl down since she wanted to buy some ice cream. Made 2 phone calls before i managed to direct him to my location.
I went to his car immediately and tried to tell the work done even though its kinda dark liao. Apparently the workshop did a pretty good job. The front bumper looks as good as new. I noticed some crack on the license plate but decide to keep mum cos i didn’t feel that its serious. He handed me the receipt which i asked for, and what happened after tat was not to my expectation at all.
No, he didn’t punch me or spout expletives. We actually chatted. Like friends. We talked about why we went Toa Payoh that uneventful day. He was looking to apply for flat (same as me). I actually didn’t find talking to him bothering at all.
Maybe i might even call him out for coffee sometime, hahaha….