About a couple of weeks ago, i went for the two day workshop by Optionetics.

Attending a paid workshop or seminar by companies like Optionetics has always been a step i hesitated to take. The high price is one reason. I don’t like to be so much in the red before i can get to see real profits. Then i always thought that I can make it out on my own, but when my learning reached a plateau and I think I am getting nowhere,  my gf suggested that i should really get some professional help.

Prior to signing up for the workshop, i attended some previews. These are usually more like advertorial, telling you why you should be trading options instead of stocks/shares, how you can make money in a falling (bearish) market and then how good they are. I have attended pretty much of the previews, seen some really good and not so good ones. AndI have been to these free previews from Optionetics before. The main reason why i didn’t sign up then was the hidden cost which they will divulged to you if you know better and probe further. I didn’t like that. The course fees, which already is quite a high sum on its own, should be able to cover for almost everything that can be paid for. I don’t want to be paying endlessly for softwares and updates after the workshop while learning to trade.

So on my last preview by Optionetics, i heard something which i wanted to hear. They are going to teach one to trade with just free tools, in fact, the speaker, spoke of his first few starting years with just free tools. For me, this was the deal-maker.

The two day workshop was tough, but not as tough as a total noobie would find. I had been trading virtually for almost two years, so I was able to pick up rather easily for most part. Still, the  instructors did went deeper and I got a little lost, but i was glad that I had all the materials like books, DVDs and CDs to help me revise and go over the basics again. Also, one good thing about Optionetics is that I am allowed to go back to the two day workshop for free without limits.

But I haven’t been trading since i attended the workshop. Much has happened lately, I just came back from a business trip from Japan, my mum is going for surgery this coming Tuesday and my mind is not exactly clear-headed as it would need to be if i were to be trading.

Still, I was kinda glad i took the step. I just hope things would fall in place in the days to come.