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Singapore 0 – Liverpool 5

It is very sad.

Having just watched the telecast of our local team against the mighty Liverpool, i can’t decide if we gained or lost more.

No doubt that Liverpool came for their tour to increase their popularity, but the stronger reason will be the bucks that will roll in. The local team will use this chance to gain valuable skills and experience. The fans (of Kop) will relish seeing their favourite team and players right at Kallang stadium. The organizers will be grinning as the turnstiles spins.

Yet i felt it was kinda depressing that singaporeans are cheering louder than i ever heard, not for our own team but one from so far away. The stadium was filled with fans in red, i believe without a doubt to be of Liverpool’s and not ours. If i am a singapore player on the pitch, i won’t know how to take all this in.


Murphy’s law

Life really sucks.

My wireless has never been working fine, always dropping the connection or can’t connect at all. I suspected the antenna behind to be at fault, so i went to buy a Belkin wireless G adaptor yesterday.

It didn’t work. I got the pass-phase correct but it just won’t connect. Now i have got a $37 white elephant on my desk. And rather expectedly, i fixed back the antenna and now it working fine, my connections are faster than i have ever experienced.


Hybrid car – Honda Insight

Happened to stump upon the Honda Insight yesterday on the net and was really caught on by how futuristic and advanced the driving cockpit has evolved.

Honda Insight is a hybrid car, meaning it has a small 1.3 lit 4 cylinders engine but at the same time, a small electric motor powered by a battery pack. This pack is recharged by the main engine whenever there is excessive power or during braking, thereby reducing energy loss.

The interior of the Insight is like a cross between Civic and Jazz. See the pictures below and you will know.

Honda Jazz / Fit

Honda Civic


See what i meant?

The dashboard is very packed with a lot of information. For instance, the speedometer at the top glows in green backlight when the driver is light-footed and cruising, turns blue when there is hard acceleration or when the driver is not really driving the economical way.

The display below the speedo is divided into a few sections. The left gauge tells if the car is charging the battery or being assisted by it. A green plant icon above it lets you know the car is running in “Econ" mode. The middle display also shows many different information, all to help the driver be as economical as possible. Very interactive.

The center display tells the RPM and other information. A gauge in the form of half or full leaf icons will tell you how good (economical) driver you are. Five leaves and you are saving fuel, one leaf and you sucks.

I feel the dashboard display has really brought us one step closer to those we see in anime. See the video below and you can see that the car talks back to the driver as well.

I used to have a dislike for hybrid or electric cars. I feel that they lacked the character of pure internal-combustion engine cars, especially when electic cars have gone completely without the use of petrol. However, with the dwindling oil supply, hybrid or electric cars maybe the way to go. I am very pleased to see Honda make the transition easier. This car is really something to consider if i were to change my car in the future. And if the official numbers are to be believed, this car can easily hit 21km/lit, very appealing if pump price increases in the future.

Some wallpapers.

Its all about the legs

I embedded some of the SNSD Generation Girls “Tell me your wish" (aka “Genie") vids here. Its amazing how many different outfits they have.

Top 10 Manga to Leave to Posterity

If you are a manga fan, i am sure you will have your own top ten list. See this compiled list and compare with ur own.

I don’t want to write this movie review

I watched the Harry Potter’s sixth instalment “The Half-Blood Prince" on thursday nite.

It was very difficult for me to write a proper review on this show. Firstly, i am not a fan of Harry Potter. Sorry folks, but i am just not attracted to the storyline. Second, i have no recollection of watching the first five shows, which means i went into the theatre totally clueless. Lastly, i was 45 min late.

So to write a proper decent review is almost impossible. I didn’t try to immerse myself in the story either, ogling at Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) turns out to be much more enjoyable. What a fine lady she has grown to be.

Lunch @ Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton

Its time to get together for a meal with my readers to celebrate our birthday.

We originally planned to go Aquamarine at Marina Mandarin, but apparently the lunch menu is local and not really to our palate’s liking. So we changed to the backup plan of Greenhouse at Ritz Carlton which i had once visited couple of years back.

As usual, i was there with my girl the earliest. We went in ahead before the rest arrived and started with some soup. She took the cream of mushroom which we felt was machiam grounded mushrooms (read thick) and was very salty as well. It was addicting though. I got the black chicken herbal soup which also was rather tad salty for my liking.

The 3 ladies arrived and I proceeded with some cooked food. I shall try to recall as many food i had tried as possible.

1) Pasta, nasi briyani, yi fu noodles – not fantastic, should be better if you go along with some of the other dishes.

2) Baked snapper – very nicely done but the servings are too big. Take one piece (chunk) and you are almost 1/4 filled.

3) Steamed king garoupa – nice, almost like home-cooked. But need to get to this before the aunties who would make off with 1/2 the fish single-handedly.

4) Roast duck, char siew, roast pork – not the nicest i have tasted but not too bad either.

5) Tempura – so-so only lah despite freshly fried.

6) sushi – now i was getting disappointed with the sushi. The tuna slice was dried up on the rice roll which was falling apart on its own. It was hard trying to get the sushi pieces onto my plate, it was another to eat it. Quite a failure.

7) Sashimi – not a lot to choose from, tuna, salmon and one more. Not very fresh although the taste was ok.

8) Chilled boiled prawns, crabs, mussels, pacific clams – Being boiled, don’t expect them to be rich in flavours. Prawns and the crabs are naturally sweet but the clams and mussels are bland. I need to soak them in soy sauce.

9) Smoked salmon, tuna with japanese sauce – Not bad, managed to make up for the rest of the food.

10) Dumplings, zui kway, char siew bun – Rather weird to find these heartland local food, kinda messed up my strategy towards this buffet. Yet i can’t bear to leave without at least trying one of each. Dumpling is a little dry, should have the vinegar sauce with ginger slices but cannot find. Zui kway is nice but the cai por is not enough. Char siew bun is very good, but considering how filling it is, i cannot go past one.

11) Cheng tng – too sweet for me

12) Cheese cake, tiramisu and those little cups of mixed fruits cocktail – Cheese cake is nice but for the whole of lunchtime, only one cake is served. My girl was hoping to see refill but it never came. Tiramisu was in a big bowl and for me, this is the highlight of the whole meal. The taste totally exploded in my mouth (haha~~~). Those little cups are too sweet, fail.

13) Ice cream – comes in ten flavours which include maple walnut, caramel, mango sorbet. Taste like expensive ice cream.

There are some other food which i did not try. Soba noodles, the whole of pastry section, salad section, fruits so i cannot comment. But by now you should see that the choices are really lacking.

Having said that, i must really point out that the service standard is impeccable. Waiter/waitress appeared promptly and clear the empty plates (or with the unwanted shells) and our glasses of iced water are never left half empty. The chefs behind the counter are also very polite in asking for your preferences. And one waiter even managed to remember my name when saying bye bye to me. Now this is impressive.

Sat lunch is $48++ so it adds up to around $56 with all the additional charges. 15% off if you have UOB signature/infinite/platinum cards.

Will i come back again? It depends on ultimately what i am looking for, friendly heart-warming service or just good food. Most people will just go for the latter.