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Movie review – Valentine’s Day

Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, Shirley MacLaine, Hector Elizondo, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Queen Latifah, Carter Jenkins, George Lopez and Kathy Bates.

This is the long list of names found in this romantic comedy, their characters linked together one way or another. Some found themselves splitting up, some got together, all on the particular day of February 14th, fitting the title of the show appropriately.

The long namelist reminded me of another show “He’s just not that into you". The cast of that show was not as strong but the portrayal of the story is similar, jumping from one couple to the next, sometimes connected, sometimes not at all. And with almost every character falling in love (or being loved) by another, there was no time for the viewer to know each character deeply.

Storyline: 4/5

The characters are all nicely linked one way or another to each other. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if the world is so small afterall…

Entertainment: 3/5

Watching people who did not believe in love falling for each other. Watching young couples planning their first sex experience and old couple confessing to relieve their guilt. It was serious but fun at the same time.

Cast: 5/5

Babes like Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift, hunks like Bradley Cooper certainly raised the level of the show a few notches.

Pace & Flow: 3/5

Having to squeeze the lives of so many people on this one day, the show skips here and there and i did get a little confused at times.

Nice to see a show in which the cast is so strong.


Movie review – 花田喜事 2010

本來就該在除夕夜看這部戲的, 卻因為 66.6% 被報紙的 critics 所誤導而傻傻的看了一部爛片.

花田喜事 2010 延續了一貫的無厘頭的搞笑, 要欣賞這一類的電影, 就不得不降低以往對故事, 情節的要求. 賀歲片嘛, 不要那麼認真.

Storyline: 1/5

都說了, 賀歲片嘛, 要有多好的 story?

Entertainment: 5/5


Cast: 5/5

有帥哥古天樂, 超靓女楊穎, 歌手鄭中基, 熟女熊黛林, 以及吳君如, 黃百鳴…

Pace & Flow: 4/5

沒有冷場面面, 可說是從頭笑到尾.

其時, 過年要有過年的氣氛, 看一部像 “花田喜事2010″ 的賀歲片是再好不過的. 帶著輕鬆的心情盡量的笑, 看完後的心情是非筆墨可形容.

Movie review – 大兵小將

As per my annual tradition with 66.6%, we decided to catch a movie after our each reunion dinner. Since the majority wanted this show, i had to go along.

I liked Jackie Chan. I basically grew up watching his shows, so i didn’t think i was going to have problems with his latest show. I quite liked his co-star 王力宏, he always has this squeaky clean look on him. So far, the odds are good that this show will entertain me at the very least.

So wrong.

I felt like dozing off, only a bad seat prevented me from doing so. There were several times where i was thinking “this must be the end" only for the plot to continue on and bored me. The most impressionable part was the last three minutes where they showed the NG scenes. In retrospect, this is probably karma, since i dragged 66.6% to a equally as bad show back in 2008.

Storyline: 1/5

Bits and pieces all over without a really strong story to hold everything together. As i mentioned, the show got me excited a few times with signs of ending but it dragged on and on.

Entertainment: 2/5

The jokes were bland, the action scenes were ordinary and scarce. There were a few entertaining moments but was simply not enough to bring up the mood of the whole show.

Cast: 3/5

Beside Jackie Chan and 王力宏, there was no other big names. Although Jackie continues with his wacky style, sometimes it feels aged as he really was. Or perhaps I outgrew his genre.

Pace & Flow: 1/5

I wished for the show to stop. More than 3 times. Period.

A show to forgot.

Singapore Airshow 2010

Got a pair of free tickets to the Singapore Airshow held at Changi exhibition center some time back.

Reached there around 10am plus. Wanted some time to look at the static display before the aerial show.

Took me long time to get this show. Was not easy to take a pic with all the wordings visible.

Trying out my camera max zoom before the aerial show.

The B-52 Strato-fortress is a huge long range strategic bomber which flew countless missions over its long life-span. This one flew just one pass and went back on its way to its base in Guam.

Yah, so it only appeared on the first day of the public show, morning slot. Lucky me.

Singapore Air Force’s own F-16.

Combined display with another one of our local airforce’s pride, AH-64 Apache.

In the shot above, the F-16 deliberately slowed down to match the chopper’s speed. No, they are NOT on a collision course.

Going their separate ways.

Making a pass with each other.

The A-10 Thunderbolt, also called affectionately Warthog by its crewmen.

This is the T-50 trainer jet from Korea. Where better to display your products than the Airshow?

The Global Hawk drone spy plane.

An rare view of the wing tip.

Lastly, the Airbus A-330.