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不知不覺的, 會從電腦裡找出這首歌播放.



Pearl & the Puppets – Because I do

Cute meow

Sibei creative lah!!

Can see SDP really got put in effort for this video, not the usual serious talking style.

If we Singaporeans, true local born sinkies, can’t put country and nation before our self interest, what have we degrade to?

Car Ads that caught my eye recently

I was bored and surfing in youtube one day and saw some car advertisements that I thought I will share here.

The music is “The Time is Now" by Asha Ali. I really liked how the whole ad looked, clean, airy and refreshing, similar to the kind of feeling I get when i browsed IKEA catalogue.

“The Beep Beep Song" by Simone White. Don’t you just like the slow, paced beats of this song? Gives me a smoothing and calming effect when I listen to it.

“Oh Boy" by Miss Li. Something more lively and cheerful.

Failed ninja compilation in Shogun 2

This video is hilarious. I hope I won’t get to see them inside my game though. If my ninjas failed, it will be disgraceful!

Audi commercials

Really liked the way Audi takes aim at Mercedes, BMW and Lexus in these commercials.