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My new camera – Sony NEX-3

I have had my Fuji S100-FS for around 2 years (or more?) and while i can live with the so-so image quality, the weight has been a killer and the main reason why i did not bring it out as often as i should.

When Fuji came out with the HS10, i was very tempted to “upgrade", only to be disappointed by the smaller sensor size. I even wrote about this dilemma I had here.

Until recently, there was nothing in the market that offers a package to deliver image quality on par with DSLR while reducing the weight. Olympus and Panasonic first introduced their Micro-Four-Third (MFT) system cameras, the Pen series from Olympus really change the market trending. With a sensor size of 18.00 X 13.50mm in the Pen P1 (which is as big as the one inside their E-5 DSLR) compared to 8.80 X 6.60mm in my S100-FS, these new “hybrid" cameras really caught my attention.

Sony took some time to answer the MFT system with their own NEX cameras. And what an answer that was. Sporting a sensor the size of 23.4 X 15.6mm in a body not much bigger than credit card, NEX cameras really eat up the market pie that used to be controlled by the MFT camp. More than one salesguy informed me that sales for Olympus Pens fell after Sony launched their NEXs.

I took some time to decide on which one i want to get. I like Pen E-PL1 with the creative art filters, but the NEX won me over with the larger sensor size, smaller body, cheaper pricing and having an attractive red body (ok, the last one was lame).

I wanted the dual kit set which comes with the 18-55mm zoom lens and 16mm prime lens but it was out of stock for almost the whole island for red set. In the end, i settled for the single kit set but will get the prime lens once its available. As part of the ongoing promotion, I got a 8Gb memory stick and a Lowepro camera bag (which seems quite big for the camera).

The freebie bag and the camera itself.

Shown here is NEX 3 with 18-55mm lens with lens hood and cover attached.

The LCD screen is the only way to compose shots since there is no viewfinder. Being able to tilt 90 deg up and 45deg down helps a lot.

The bag with my phone as a comparison.

Right now, i am still enjoying what i can do with this new camera and being able to bring it along for my upcoming Taiwan trip is very exciting indeed!


Interesting vid

New addition to my watches

I registered early for the 2011 OCBC Cycle event and got a free watch as a result. It is not something exquisite but it’s a good decent watch from Timex nonetheless.

Then i got bored and decide to take photos of all my watches.