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Absolutely irritating neighbour

As i am writing now, my neighbour is getting on her irritating habit on full-blasting her gospel songs while folks like me maybe trying to sleep a while longer (but i am not today, as u can see the earlier post).
Can’t remember when she moved in cos i dun take note of old aunties. But i can’t missed her becos of her weekend morning routine of waking the neighbourhood up with her gospel songs. And she doesn’t stop there. After this tormenting 1~2 hours of her “sing along" session, she will happily go into a phone conversation (with whoever i care) and i can hear what she says CLEARLY becos she is literally shouting onto the phone. This is so even when we are one staircase landing apart.My mum suggested that this old auntie is kinda deaf but i dun think that is a good excuse for being inconsiderate.
Anyway, impression of this old auntie neighbour of mine has been baaaaaaaad since the day i was abruptly waken up. I overheard her 100 decibels conversation (to our local bangalar cleaner) that ONLY christians will go to heaven while folks who believe in buddhism and others will go to hell. Pissed me off for one fucking week.


Orcas hunting a grey whale calf

Orcas, or killer whales more commonly known, are the top predators in the oceans. Forget the great white. It doesn’t stand a chance against full grown orca.
Orcas hunt in packs and with wits, liken to wolf packs on land. This video captures the hunting process (compressed no less) in which a grey whale calf was hunted and eventually killed. Nice video unless u are a lover of grey whales.

This another video shows a pod of whales teaching their young ones how to co-operate and hunt a seal on floating ice. Happy ending this time.

All middle east AFC final

Jus finished watching the live telecast of the semi-final of Korea vs Iraq and Japan vs Saudi Arabia. Yucks is all i can say. I dun plan to watch the final since my fav team japan is out.
Korea played pretty well (according to commentator, since i only started at 84min) but their tired legs start to show in the extra time. When it had to go to penalty, i was thinking that a repeat of wat happen 4 days ago is unlikely (then korean won the penalty shootout). Where got always so heng wan?
So they lost by 4-3. Too bad.

Then japan started brightly. At one time, they had 74% possession. Then saudis scored one but japan put one back 2min later. After the break, saudis scored another but again japan equalised soon after. Saudis must be damn tulan at this point of time. Why japan must scored after us? Purposely one izzit? So they put one back again to make it 3-2.
This time japan run out of ideas liao. try and try but jus cannot scored. Effort for trying but tats not enuff. and also good lah, wait they scored again and go into extra time or suay suay penalty shootout again. Make the whole AFC like not very pro like tat… and i will be sleeping later…

so wat a final. good luck to saudis and iraqis for i won’t be watching…

Now sidetrack a bit, i haven’t seen much blog around where they announce the score so soon after a match. I jus did tat. Is this illegal? ESPN will send letter to me?


Went for gastroscopy yesterday at TTSH at the recommendation by some specialist since i was complaining my stomach always feel bloated.
Gastroscopy is an investigation procedure whereby a doc will insert a tube (armed with camera and tiny forceps) with a diameter of a five cent coin to see wat’s going on inside. The tube will goes from the mouth, down the throat into the gullet and then finally at the stomach. Sometimes it may also go down further into the small intestine, depending on wat the doc is trying to find. This procedure may take place while the patient is sedated (knock out) but in my case, i chose to have it awake.
First the nurse sprayed something into my throat to make the area numb. I am glad they did. My throat is not going to like the tube. After about 3min, my tongue and throat feel numb, i can’t even feel my saliva going down. Then i was told to bite on a small plastic “doughnut" so that the tube can go in and i won’t have a chance to bite to stop it.
It is uncomfortable. Damn fucking uncomfortable. I couldn’t swallow my saliva, i almost couldn’t breath since my gullet now is forced open by the tube. I keep choking and coughing but the doc has no intention to stop. And during this time, i can see on the screen what the tube is capturing. I could see my tongue at first, then my throat, gullet and then some pinkish stuff i cannot really care since i was choking. And the more i stared at the screen, the more unbearable it became. Finally i jus closed my eyes and hope everything will be over soon.
I can actually feel it coming out as the doc tried to calm me down. I could feel it sliding out of my stomach, thru my chest and then out of my mouth. Along with the tube came out my gastric juices but i was panting too heavily to care about the mess i made.
The doc had actually spent some time with the tube inside my stomach getting some samples for biopsy. The whole procedure lasted around 10min but it certainly feels longer.

Thinking back at this 10min, i am glad in some way that i didn’t choose to be sedated. This was an experience that is unforgettable and at the same time hopefully not repeatable. I must be more cautious about the things i put in my mouth now on, the long black tube is horrible enuff…

Chao Zhi Bai

If u enjoy Jacky Wu’s shows, u will like this…

My pet crayfish

Woke up this morning to find one of my fish in the mouth of the crayfish.

I keep pets. One crayfish (or lobster as some prefer to call it) and 4 little fishes. It used to be 3 crayfishes and no fish. But as 2 of them died (one due to sexual stress and another due to rivalry), i tot i will buy some fish to keep this last one some company.
But now i am left with one female “Empress Dowager" and 3 little enunchs.
Was still thinking of buying a pair of catfish later but now i am having second thoughts…

For the little-informed, crayfish are not lobsters. To put it simply, lobsters are saltwater while crayfish are freshwater. Both can be eaten but crayfish are generally not treated as food locally. To know more, pls see here.
Anyway, here is a brief recount of wat happen to the Emperor and concubine.

The concubine died first. It was the smaller of the 3 initially. Always in a disadvantageous position due to its size (smaller than the other female) and smaller pincers (male have larger ones), it tend to hide and dun really get enuff to eat. Once after moulting, it lost in a fight and the other female got one pincer as dinner. It never really recover from the fight and died soon after tat.
The emperor was luckier though (but not much). With two females around, it never lack sexual company. But i guess it knew the dowager was in a better position to bear offsprings, so the concubine never really get her share of bedtime action.
But the dowager was demanding. So much so tat the emperor secretly plotted an escape from the palace one night and found its way to my parents’ room toilet. There, my sister discovered the morning after, drying and dying. Even when we returned it to the palace, it died on the second night. Now the palace is all the dowager’s.

Credit card

When i reach home jus now, saw a couple of thick envelopes on my desk. Usually bills dun come in such thick envelopes so i guess they must be some brochures since there was nothing on the envelope to indicate who the bloody sender is.
After a good 5min of tearing and cursing, i realised that they are credit cards from a pretty well known foreign bank. I am confused. Why the fuck are they sending to me?
Because jus one week ago, they sent me a letter to inform me that my application has been cancelled for whatever reason i care. Anyway, it means NO.
Then why am i getting the cards? And not jus one. A good 3 cards. i can understand the 2 (Visa and Mastercard) but the ATM card for? Somemore i get a cheque book (in a thick, heavy envelope).
I tried to find back the letter but can’t seem to find it around. Made a mental note to call them up while i sign on the cards…