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Our babies are back!

A little of two years ago, we bought our bikes from Hup Leong.

It was like two weeks ago when I got to know that the first servicing within two years from purchase can be done for free. Not wanting to waste this free opportunity, I sent our bikes last weekend back to the same shop.

Heh. I see question marks. Bikes? Servicing?

Well, the bikes in question here are bicycles. And yes, servicing for bicycles is as common as servicing for cars, since they do consist of moving parts and are subjected to wear and tear as the parts in cars do.

While I was at Hup Leong when sending the bikes, the service guy did a check to determine which parts need replacement. Fortunately, the brakes are working well but the cables for both gear shift and brakes need replacing; the chain is also stretched and need to go as well. The owner Gilbert explained to me patiently why they need replacing and what I expect to see after.

During servicing, from what I understand, the bike is being stripped apart and cleaned. The crankset, cassette, front and rear derailleurs are being cleaned. New parts such as the chains and cables are fitted on, as well as any new parts. I saw the seat of my gf’s bike already in a bad condition so I got her a new one. How can someone who don’t cycle as much yet wear out the saddle faster?

So one week later, just yesterday, we went to collect back our bikes. They look almost like new. The chain and gears all showing their metallic shine, the frame gleaming in the sunlight. If not for the pre-existing scratches, they could have been sold for something new. I was so happy, I decide to pamper ourselves (my bike and me) with a new set of grips that I saw on ebay few days ago. Sidenote: buying these Crank Brothers Iodine grips from ebay will cost me almost SGD$50, but getting them from Hup Leong is like $28. It pays to NOT be impulsive when buying stuffs online.

Many thanks to Hup Leong and Gilbert for making this a very enjoyable experience for me, although it could have been better had my gf not had a bad fall last week.


Car Ads that caught my eye recently

I was bored and surfing in youtube one day and saw some car advertisements that I thought I will share here.

The music is “The Time is Now" by Asha Ali. I really liked how the whole ad looked, clean, airy and refreshing, similar to the kind of feeling I get when i browsed IKEA catalogue.

“The Beep Beep Song" by Simone White. Don’t you just like the slow, paced beats of this song? Gives me a smoothing and calming effect when I listen to it.

“Oh Boy" by Miss Li. Something more lively and cheerful.

Audi commercials

Really liked the way Audi takes aim at Mercedes, BMW and Lexus in these commercials.

Timbuk2 (PRODUCT)RED™ SE racing stripe messenger

I own many bags, at any one time, i can have like 5 bags, one for each purpose. And they have been piling up in one corner of my room, even though i threw out 3 of them a month ago. In a bid to look for one bag that can almost replace all of them, i stumbled onto Timbuk2 messenger bags.

I am not a messenger on bike, my job doesn’t require me to skip around town with loads in store. However I like having the space in my bag to contain all that i might want to bring around, my laptop, books, a jacket, or even for a short 3 day trip. I might even have my helmet and some change of clothing in there if i cycle to work.

Getting a bag you like from Timbuk2 was easy. You can customize one, pick the colors you like, down to the color of the logo. Pay for it online and get the bag shipped to your doorsteps. Its more expensive than the ready-made ones, for sure, so i browsed around and found the (RED) Products Special Edition Red Racing Strip messenger. First, its cheaper and second, 5% of the proceeds will go and save someone in Africa.

Here are some pictures of this amazing bag and most of the features found in it. If you have a chance, get a feel of the bag, the quality of the material and workmanship cannot be felt from pictures alone.

This is how it looked like. Oh, i forgot to mention, the size is medium, and is already quite large in my opinion. Can’t imagine how big the XL will be.

The Red label that comes with the bag.

The stitched logo . Pity the color, i rather its red to compliment the bag.

The main material is ballistic nylon, doesn’t appear to break easily under load.

The reflective tab at the end of the buckle. To make the bag carrier more visible in traffic.

The exclusive red buckle. You can’t get this for those off-the-shelves or customized bags.

The view from the back.

Some rings around the back to hang accessories.

The shoulder strap. Doesn’t look like much but…

comes with thick padding underneath!

Opened up. The 2010 version comes with more pockets for the organizer. But first…

the cover now comes with two velcro straps.

There are four pockets on the front. You only see three in the front, the fourth is by the side.

The fourth pocket can be seen from the side.

Its called the Napoleon pocket, allows you to access the pocket without opening the bag cover.

A key ring can be found from the topmost pocket.

A tab for you to hang warning lights should you go cycling.

The interior is huge!

Wah sian, it’s made in China.

A document sleeve that is more than big enough for A4 sized documents.

More organizer pockets inside. Space for pens, thumb-drives etc.

See another zipper up there?

More pockets!!! Can slot some commonly used cards.

This extra strap is a cross strap, helps to keep the bag stabilized while cycling so that the bag remains secured and won’t swing around.

Can take my helmet and still have lots of space available.

No problem with my laptop too.

I got a feeling that this bag will last me for a very long time, its hardy, big, stylish and comfortable (so far). Make me feel that the $135 is very well spent indeed.

My new Limar 747 helmet

I had a poll here sometime ago to ask for opinions on which is the nicest helmet to get. I was really bent on getting the red/white design for 737, and when the bike shop Chapter 2 Cycle informed me that stocks have arrived, i didn’t want to wait another day before rushing down.

But it was weird. I was there but something else caught my eye. It is the 747 in red/black design. I am kinda inclined towards this color combination since i am in the process of placing an order for similar color themed messenger bag. Suddenly, in the shop, the red/white of 737 didn’t appeal to me so much. Where did all the excitement go?

I gave in to my impulse, asked if it was alright for me to change my mind and paid for the 747. It cost me $130, which is more expensive than my current helmet, Met Testagrossa at $95. I am really broke now, i thought as i was paying.

Once home, i took the helmet out of its box and played around with it. The weight and rigidity of the helmet are impressive but it isn’t the case with the straps. Compared that to the more sophisticated one on the Met.

Simple plastic piece to hold the straps together on the Limar.

The one on Met can be locked to prevent accidental pulling of the straps.

The fitting on both helmets are good, using different mechanisms; the Met using two adjustable buckles (can i call them buckles?) to tighten the helmet, while the Limar uses a round knob to do the same job so i don’t have to worry about the helmet too tight on any one side.

The Met tightening device. Need to press and slide the two buckles towards each other.

A better design from Limar.

The chin-strap from Limar is also of a better quality, featuring a sponge pad around the strap for absorption of sweat.

There are also more paddings inside the helmet, giving the helmet a really snug fit on my rather big-sized head.

As you may have noticed, there are wire mesh (gauze) at the front vents of the helmet. The main purpose of these is to prevent insects from getting into my hair and possibly distracting me.

Some more pictures of the new and not-so-old helmet.

Without visor.

With visor in front (i didn’t attach it).

My Met.

Didn’t quite like the rear design of this helmet. Totally prevent any airflow from getting out of the helmet, thus ventilation is not very good inside.

Which one looks better?

Red mushroom.


小弟我在找一頂拉風又有款有形的頭盔很久了. 想找個在我荷包容忍範圍內的也不是件易事, 好不容易有了以下兩種款式, 快來幫幫我吧.

No. 1 (747 Matt Black)

No. 2 (737 White)

No. 3 (737 Titanium Black)

No. 4 (737 Red)

No. 5 (747 Red)

其實都差不多, 分別在於顏色與那個可拆的 visor 而已.

OCBC Cycle 2010

My very first cycling event!

4 months. My gf and me have been training for this event for that long, even though we are participating in the non competitive 20km Community Ride. We should, as the gf just learned to ride like 7 months ago.

So a day before the event, we took our bikes to the event venue, F1 Pit Building to store our bikes overnight. The amenities provided were simple, just a horizontal beam secured at both ends, enough for hundreds of bikes to be hung on them. We also collected the cycle pack which consists of number tags, event t-shirt.

So this morning, i woke up at 4:50am. I had less than 5 hours of sleep and it was really tiring but i pushed on. I have been waiting for this day for months to be able to cycle with my gf and many others.

At the start of our event, we could see that many of the riders for the earlier 40km event were already coming back. I think they are fast, taking just slightly above an hour to clock 40km. The gf was eager to go, wanted to stay out in the front of the starting pack but i didn’t agree, its better to stay away from the main crowd. She is not a very stable rider afterall.

The route itself was very scenic. First, we went along Republic Avenue, to Geylang (almost wanted to go for 豆花), Mountbatten road to East Coast Park, Stadium Drive, Nicoll Highway to CBD, passing by the Fullerton, and finally back to the F1 Pit for the end.

The route was generally alright, except a few locations where it got narrow and cyclists had to slow down. I also witnessed few accidents, especially one near the end where one lady caught the yellow railings and tumbled, taking two other cyclists behind her down. Hope they are alright.

It was tiring, but rewarding because i saw my gf persisted and finished the 20km proudly. And it made the time spent teaching her to ride, the money spent to buy the bikes worthwhile. And while i always like cycling, riding with so many fellow cyclists has this feeling i cannot get riding alone.

More to go ahead!!!