If you are not a keen follower of car prices (lest Suzuki), you prob cannot tell if the title of this post was meant to be good news or bad news for yours truly.
Let me say this calmly, THIS IS THE HIGHEST PRICE SX-4 HAS EVER GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I have always wanted to buy SX-4 badly. I like the shape, design, interior although this car cannot compare to other (read: more expensive) makes. But this is as much as my pathetic pay as an engineer can allow. Speaking of engineer’s pay, i am very pissed at the perceived image of engineer (high pay, career) but thats another story.
So i am very disappointed to see the price rocketed when the stocks around the world went the other direction. According to the general rule of not spending more than 35% (or 30% if you are really a miser), i am still a number of years from that ideal paycheck. 7 years in fact.