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FC of my Suzie

Went for my second petrol-ing yesterday. According to my calculations, i am clocking 11.4 km/litre. Is this bad?


Why oil prices increase?

see here.

The day Suzie was delivered…to me

Yesterday, 20th May was car collection day.

I couldn’t sleep. My alarm was set to 7am but i woke up at 6 plus and tossed around in bed waiting for time to pass. I jumped out of bed once my alarm sound and start to make preparations.

I went down to the bus stop to take a bus to meet up with the GF first before heading the meet my SE. It was then SBS decide to remind me why i wanted to get a car.

I waited for 15min before my bus came. Crowded to the entrance but i had hope since 4 person alighted. However, the drive did NOT even tried to ask the passengers to move in to allow me and another lady to board the bus. He just drove off like that. Yah, being singaporeans, i do not expect fellow sinkies to be considerate and move in to allow others to board. The blame should be solely on the driver for not reminding or requesting them to move in. Had he done so, i wouldn’t be late.

I then tried to take another bus to Bishan MRT because i think that most people will alight there thus increasing my chances of boarding my bus. The bus that i flagged did not even stop while being pretty empty. It just drove off like i am invisible.

I was boiling at that moment and it all reminded me of all the frustrations that i felt with public bus services. All the more i am looking forward to days that i do not have to rely on taking the damn SBS so much (still have to take SBS to work but that’s short distance and my choices are plenty).

Finally met up with the GF and took a cab to Pandan Crescent showroom. Could not find my SE there and realised that he had gone to the new car pickup center beside Singapore Yacht Club. Funny because he did not mentioned to me before. So i had him to come and picked us up at the showroom.

He took us to my baby Suzie and i circled the car a couple of times to scrutinize the paint to ensure no scratches or dents. I even bent over and peeked at the undercarriage but cannot see anything abnormal. I passed a checklist to GF and her job was to make sure that the paint, windows, interior leather and carpet are in order. Being a woman, she can picked out many fine defects that will otherwise be invisible to a man.

While my SE briefed me through the car and the accessories, my GF will interrupt and point out what is missing, what is not good. My SE, trying to nice, catered to her every requests and had the maintenance guy attend to us. One thing was disappointing, the rear window corner cover was missing, exposing all the screws and nuts. Somemore it was so obvious. How not to spot this?

We went to the lobby for milo while the technicians fussed over the car. My SE ensured that i received all the proper documents (no more vehicle log card!) and the warranty stuffs. After like 15min, the car was ready for inspection again.

This time, it was better but there are still some white marks seen on the leather. I think it is quite hard to have the seats completely free of any marks or stains so i let go of those tiny or not obvious ones.

Drove the car out of the pickup center. While breaming with excitement, i was also very cautious as i am not used to the car yet. It felt taller and slightly wider than the Lancer i am more used to.

After this, i had to settle the chores. Washing the number plate with pomelo leaves, top up fuel, buying season parking, lunch at IMM, went to Autobacs to find accessories. In all, it was a very tiring day. The weather was not helpful when it was so hot.

After sending my GF home, i, for the first time, drove alone. I had always drove with my GF beside me so this was really quite an experience for me. Driving alone, listening to radio all felt so good even when i am stuck in a jam at AYE. I really liked the feeling of alone, sheltered inside my Suzie, insulated from the buzz…

My Suzie is here!!!

I jus collected my SX-4 this morning and went around the island. I am dead beat.

Will update again tomorrow the details. >Yawn<

Vesak day 2008

Firstly, happy Vesak day to all fellow buddhists.

Last nite, eve of Vesak day, i went down to 光明山 with my mum to pray as well as take some night shots with my camera. Just got it back from the GF so its been some time since i played with it.

Previous years, i would go for 三步一拜 with 66.6% but decide not to go for it this year. Excuse is pure laziness.

So anyway, it was crowded as expected. We reached there at ten thirty and had to squeeze through the narrow gate in front to enter the monastery.

Here are some pictures that i took.

And this is one of the last things i expect to see here. An predator figurine!!!

Apparently they are using this to teach people to go vegan.

Review on Fujifilm S100fs

DPreview has this acticle on the Fujifilm S100fs which i happen to own. Looks like the chromatic aberration is a big problem for Fuji to solve before this camera can truly become a DSLR substitute.

Link here.

Singaporeans – An ugly bunch of people?

Found an article online that is very interesting.

Ugly Singaporean.