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Taiwan 2010 – Day 15 (Recovery)

I named this day as ‘Recovery’. Reason being that we were so emotionally and physically shagged out from the countdown this morning, and this was the last full day we have before going back home. It was all about recovery for the day’s agenda.

By the time we woke up, breakfast was unnecessary so we head for this well known place for lunch.

The queue was already there but this was an expected sight. Afterall, its not easy to find unagi rice as nice as this.

Grilled to perfection. My all time favorite Japanese dish.

Chicken and egg rice, she don’t fancy unagi.

Grilled and fried chicken sticks.

There was this building near our hotel which housed a lot of shops selling anime and mange related toys, there was also a official Gundam shop.

In between lunch and dinner, we did a little last minute shopping, got some local food stuffs for our parents and friends back home. Can’t stop eating too.

For dinner, we went to this shop famed for its braised minced meat rice (魯肉飯).

I don’t find it any more special than those I can find at roadside stalls. Kinda disappointing actually.

Pigs’ trotters.


Taiwan 2010 – Day 14 (Taipei Countdown)

Its 31st Dec and Taipei, like all major cities around the world, take the New Year countdown as a big deal. We had experienced this before, few years back and we were back to enjoy the Taipei Countdown once again.

The last breakfast for year 2010.

Been having this egg pancake for the past few days and still can’t get sick of it.

After breakfast, we went to the post office to send some of the stuffs we bought home. Although we had upped the luggage limit, it felt like we will exceed (It did, we were 1kg shy of the total weight allowed. Lucky we sent 7kg of the stuffs like books and cosmetics back).

This is one of the old main gates left in Taipei city.

After we sent the parcel, we went back to hotel to do some laundry and came out again later for lunch and some food grabbing.

I was introduced to this dumpling shop from my Taipei guide book. It didn’t disappoint, the dumpling was rich with fatty meat and mushrooms and other fillings. Something like this standard will cost $5 and I only paid NT$55 for one.

Some meatball soup to go with it. Not the usual combination back home, but it works nonetheless.

We got some 飯團 (rice balls?) from the nearby 7-11 and went back hotel. Its time to sleep, because we got a long day ahead of us.


This was what it looked like. Its like 5 hours from the countdown and we were unable to get to 200m from the stage.

The last time, I had a pretty good spot beside some raised platform. It was already crowded by the time I got there so no luck this time round.

From the positions I could get in front of the stage, I cannot get a good view of the artistes performing nor the fireworks coming from 101 later. So we skirt around the building and got onto this wide road leading to 101.

Everyone just camped on the road – its closed anyway –  and turned their cameras towards 101. To these people, the fireworks meant more than the performance.

It was very cold. No matter how much we wore, it always didn’t seem enough. The air was cold, the wind was bone splitting, and we couldn’t leave our spot because as the night went, more and more people came, hoping to get a spot around us. Our area got smaller and smaller…

but when the time came, it didn’t matter anymore…

Taiwan was also celebrating their 100th year.

After the countdown came the taunting task of getting back. It wasn’t easy. Tens of thousands of people leaving at the same time, the nearest few MRT stations were closed off, there were no public bus except the chartered services. We were lost, cold, hungry, thirsty, tired but excited at the same time.

The concert continued after the countdown, for some, this was the main draw of the event.

It took us 30 minutes of walking to get to the chartered bus designated stop, and another 30 to get us back to our hotel room. As per our own tradition, our first meal of 2010. Haha…

We slept like we haven’t done so in a month.

Taiwan 2010 – Day 13 (花博)

We were lucky that during this time of our visit, we were able to visit the Taipei International Floral Exposition. Before going anywhere though, breakfast is a must.

Sandwiches, toast, and not forgetting my favorite food of the week, 蛋餅 (egg pancake).

There were a couple of MRT stations that we can alight to go to the exhibition. Tickets were not cheap, NT$300 per pax.

Once we got pass the queue to get in, its just flowers and flowers and more flowers.

We then came along some exhibits by individual countries.

The one by Singapore was very bad, so bad I didn’t want to take a photo of it. Had the introduction taken instead.

Saw some small children, apparently on their school excursion. Poor things, made to dress up like this.

Lunch was something simple from one of the many stalls.

Glutinous rice with mushroom and shrimps.

Meatball soup.

After spending like half a day there, we went back to the hotel to rest. And so some laundry at the same time. But not before we had something to snack on.

Around late evening, its time to go Shilin night market.

And I simply had to go to my favorite hotplate stall for my fix.

The soup and tea come free with the main dish.

Hotplate pork chop with rotini pasta.

Here is the price list. Pork chop or chicken chop for NT$150. I find this a bargain.

Now, this stall is supposedly very famous for its cheese baked potato.

And this is how it looked like. A bit too heavy for me, especially after my hotplate pork chop. Still, I cannot quite understand why it’s so popular.

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Its the last day of 2010!!!