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2010 Taiwan – Day 5 (高雄)

Its time for us to move to the next city, 高雄.

Breakfast is MOS burger at the railway station.

Reminder from MOS staff to wear more during the winter season. I find the human touch from Taiwanese very warming, and this is something I don’t get back home.

Our tickets.

Our breakfast.

We reached pretty early, too early to check into hotel. We deposited our bags at the railway station and hopped onto the MRT to station 糖廠.

We rented this bike, thinking that the area was huge.

Actually, the whole place was a old dis-used sugar factory.

Looked pretty eerily. I am not sure how the old run down place can survive as a tourist attraction. If I had known better, I would probably gone somewhere else to spend this few hours.

We went back to the station, where there was this 新光三越 that we could waste some time.

Lunch at the foodcourt.

We were given this red gadget after we placed our orders. It will vibrate, give out sound and lights once our orders are ready to be collected.

After lunch, we checked into the hotel 拉斯維加.

This is the second time we chosen this hotel. We liked the location, its just next to the railway station. We liked the thoughtfulness, the way things are arranged so nicely we couldn’t bear to take apart to use. Best of all, the room was cheap, around SGD$60 per night.

I found this stall right at the junction near the hotel, selling 蔥抓餅, something similiar to the Roti Prata I have back home.

Crispy, with fillings like ham, bacon, cheese, scrambled egg, tuna etc that you can choose. Its cheap too, only NT$35 for one.

This is the famous 美麗島 station, known for the colorful center hall. We alighted at this station to  get to 六合夜市.

Fried oyster omelette. Taste different from the one back home but came with much more oysters.

Stall selling 肉圓, or meat ball and it looked like this…

Not exactly in a ball shape, and its actually minced meat covered with some coating made of flour. Tasteless if not for the sauce. Not as bad as the picture showed.

Ice cold beancurd with red beans. Especially nice even though the weather was rather cold.

This stall sells gizzard of the mullet fish. I have not tried one before even seeing it so often in Taiwan.

One piece for $50.

I found it quite saltish, texture was a little hard but the taste not as over-powering. Ok to eat one little piece, I didn’t find it OK to buy one packet.

It was time to go back for supper. We bought some food back, since the walk from the night market to our hotel was a good 15 minutes. I had second thoughts about this fried eel noodles initially, but I regretted not getting a second bowl after i tried it.

It looked nothing much, but its easily one of the best dish I had in Taiwan.

Some grilled chicken and dumplings.

It was a good night sleep after all this.


2010 Taiwan – Day 4 (台中)

Even though we have been in 台中 for the past few days, we hadn’t been exploring the town.

Found this nice simple place for breakfast after we did our laundry. In order to keep our luggage light, we brought as little clothing as possible and thus had to do our laundry every few days or so.



And how can I not have 豆漿?

After breakfast, its off to the first destination of the day, 寶覺禪寺.

Its actually a very old temple but for restoration, a more hardy concrete building was built over it.

And round the side of the temple, we saw this very big status of 笑佛.

The second place for that day was the Science Museum, or Science Center if you like. Its the 國立自然科學博物館.

This polar bear appeared in the taiwanese drama 敗犬女王.

I got quite pissed when i left the museum. At the dinosaurs exhibit area, some of the walls are still wet with paint but no indicated so. My new shirt from Uniqlo was stained with the paint, along with the bag that my gf was carrying. Urgh!

Lunchtime and we went to this pasta restaurant that my gf had found online.

This bread was supposedly famous and people will buy the whole loaf back after tasting it. I found it similar to our jiam tao roti (尖頭麵包) but more flavorful. Dip into the sauce provided and its really a good appetizer.

Need to wait for good pasta ok?

Bored while waiting, so take picture of deco.

Roman cheese pasta.

Black squid pasta. A little spicy for me.

The bill. NT$704 which is like SGD$32. Norm for us but maybe a little pricey for the locals.

Took us almost an hour to find this place, the SOGO department store. I always have a problem with taiwan maps. The place is full of little streets and alleys, which if all were to appear inside the map, you will need two person to hold end to end. So to make the map easy to handle, a lot of details are left out. Which means often, I get lost. Haha…

Dinner time!

Ok, we didn’t spend that much time in SOGO. It wasn’t too big and we covered pretty much everything in an hour or so, but the walk to find it was too tiring for us elderly. Had to go back to our room and rest before going for dinner.

This western food restaurant is called 赤鬼 and somewhere inside 逢甲夜市.

The menu. We decided to order only one portion since there were so many other food we wanted to try that night. Btw, the most recommended item is the steak, but since we don’t take beef, pork chop is the next best thing.

Pork chop. Simple and nice.

Most of the food are actually sold in movable stalls when one comes to night market like this.

Pork chop (again).

People waiting for their orders.

We got this number tag after ordering.

And we also ordered from the neighboring stall as well.

黃金贼, or stuffed fried squid.

Another number tag.

Look at the queue!


Pork chop on the go!

The meat was fried but didn’t come as too hard or too chewy. Just nice, and the salad and corn made sure the whole item was balanced and not too greasy.

The inside of the squid was stuffed with fried rice and then wholly deep fried again. With almost every piece, except for the tail part, you got the chewy part of squid and hot rice that filled your mouth with the fragrance. Nice.

This stall was selling grilled live prawns. Special thing is that the prawns requires no shelling and can be eaten whole.

Nothing special actually.

After dinner, we wandered around and went to Cosmed to grab some toiletries which were either cheaper or not available back home.

End of day 4.

First time I see

The public has raised enough money to help Dr Chee Soon  Juan of the SDP pay the fine of $20k which was for making address in public without licence. This means that he will not be going to jail and therefore available for the coming elections.
This is the first time I seen a public gesture directly supporting an opposition member. Although I am not a fan of Dr Chee, I am quite surprised at this outcome. Way to go Singaporeans!

2010 Taiwan – Day 3 (清境,台中)

Even with the sun at full blast on 清境, its still freezing once i get out from under the blanket. I was shivering when i took this shot below.

We were really fortunate to get our room, the view from balcony was superb, the whole garden was spread out below us. Beside the cold air, it was really a relaxing place to be.


And flowers.

And flowers.

After breakfast, we went to the nearby 小瑞士花園.

With each ticket, there is a free NT$20 coupon.

Saw a couple taking wedding photos there.

The only cafe inside where we can get to use the coupons.

After spending about an hour inside, we got our bags and went to a nearby bus stop, hoping to catch a local bus to our next destination, 清清農場.

Pity. The grass land were green just a month ago.

Sheeps waiting to be fed by tourists.

Horses, big and mini ones for ride!

Coming to a farm like this is really something different from what i have experienced in Taiwan so far. There is nothing much here, in a good sense, so we can really take our time to slowly take everything in and enjoy the scenery and cool weather.

Our pre-arranged driver came at the stipulated time to pick us up and bring us back to 台中.

So its back to the 逢甲夜市 just below our motel room.

This shop, i heard, is a must try for its 魯肉飯 and 麻油湯.

End of day 3.

For what they serve?

Its something i get to see more frequently on the papers. Some constituency get so and so upgrades and the when asked, the MP will say “its always for the election".

This really disgusts me. Bigtime.

If something can be implemented for the benefits of the people in that constituency, should that have been done long ago, as long as budget and other conditions allow? Why wait until elections are coming and dangle this? Are the MP in question only staying in his/her seat for service to the people or what? Have they forgotten what the people elected them for?

Its pure disgusting, really.

But then again, Singaporeans are a cheap bunch of people generally and any sorts of carrots being dangled in front of them is enough to get them to vote “correctly". Such is the level of the citizens, therefore such can only be the level of the MPs.