Its monday and i am whining. Why?

Walked the opposite way from my house today to the bus stop since i was planning to post something. Waited 10min+ for a feeder bus and getting more frustrated by the min. I shouldn’t be made to wait more than 12min for a feeder bus, not when this service is only about 10 stops for its whole service route. If i continue to wait, its very likely that i am going to miss my company bus and thus be late for work for the very first time.
So i turned around and walked back to my block and to another bus stop. Damn SBS.

Evening, before dinner, i was training my character at Showa, ATM (ok, so i am into MapleStory, so what?) when this pair of jokers decide to intrude and disturb my otherwise uneventful training. One was a female hermit and another is a Ice/Light mage. The hermit, being the more irritating one, keep insisting that i tell her my attack range. “Tell me and i will go" while all this time ks-ing me. Her friend, the mage joins in and practically ruin what could have been a fruitful 1 hour. I hecked care them and decide to stay, ignoring them all the while (as i always do, to brainless childish maplers). MapleStory is full of people like them, making use of their high-level characters to build up their ego in the otherwise pathetic real life. This game is not longer a game to them but a venue to feel they still have a worth in their lives. I feel sorry for them.

Lastly, tomorrow is tuesday, when i am supposed to meet the carpark lang-ka chap to pay him for the damages. The more i think of it, the more upset i am. Guess i just have to be more alert when it comes to parking next time.