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My present from GF!!!

With my metallic G-shock.


Movie review – How to train your dragon

I chose this movie over the more hyped “Clash of the Titans" not because most of my friends who saw both said “Clash" was bad, but more because i think i will enjoy animation more. The kid in me always win against the adult side, and also i am more inclined towards having a good laugh then mesmerized by some artificial graphics.

The story is nothing special. Village chief’s weak young son turns hero to save his people and their attitude towards dragons. It seems that Hollywood cannot come out with any unique and interesting plots nowadays.

But if i will to choose based on storyline, i probably won’t get to watch more than 10 shows a year. I will even miss Avatar, if you know how typical the plot was. But “Dragon" is more than just the story, i like the way the characters are drawn, their heads almost as big as their body, the almost barbaric behavior of the Vikings, the variety of the dragons and their “specifications". Another dimension was being created, a much more fun and lovely place than the one in Avatar.

Storyline: 3/5

Nothing special, nothing bad either. Wish the script writers can come out with something more intriguing and captivating. Most of the events are predictable, except for the last bit.

Entertainment: 4/5

I would have enjoyed myself more had not been the mood spoilt by calls from office earlier. Can’t really concentrate but still, the show has quite a healthy dose of humor.

Cast: 2/5

I can only make out Gerard Butler’s voice as the village head Stoick. His accent works well in this show but the rest of the voice-overs are so-so ok lah.

Pace/Flow: 3/5

At about 90 min long, everything went briskly and didn’t drag along.

Glad i caught this show. Now will wait for the DVD release of the Clash.