I finally caught onto the tablet faze when Sony launched their new tablet S 3 weeks ago. While there isn’t much of a reason why I should get one, I did nonetheless as I wanted something more handy, yet has more screen estate space for easy viewing. Sony’s ergonomic design and its compact design appealed very well to me.

Collected it today from Wisma Isetan.

I paid for the additional cradle and screen protector (which was already applied by the Sony salesperson). The black case on the right is a freebie.

The cradle in its box.

Its actually just a base that curved up.

Back of the cradle, the silver part can be adjusted with 2 positions to get different tilting angle.

Turning the cradle upside down and you can see the jack where the charger plugs in.

And now, the main star of the package.

There are the charger and a handstrap provided inside the box, some information slips and thats it.

The tablet S itself.

View from the side shows the asymmetrical shape of the tablet. It resembles a folded magazine,  designed so that holding it in portrait mode in one hand is much more comfortable.

View from the right side shows the physical hardware buttons.

The back.

The logo means that its PS certified. Currently, only 2 games are available, but Sony promises more to come.

The freebie casing.

The tablet in the casing. Its a realy snug fit and goes along with the tablet very well.


I am really happy with this so far (the tablet is still charging for its first 8 hours) but I will wait to see what it can or cannot do in the coming weeks.