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Failed ninja compilation in Shogun 2

This video is hilarious. I hope I won’t get to see them inside my game though. If my ninjas failed, it will be disgraceful!


When I am really bored – Counter Strike

Was really really bored today so i decided to explore a bit about how the popular game Counter Strike (CS) can be more interesting.

Managed to get the AI bots to use their knives and nothing else. Quite a change from those “tang tang tang" since now all i hear are those swishing sounds. Quite a change of view too, now that i see scenes i have never saw when the bots are using pistols/rifles/shotguns/machine guns.

As you can see, since now bots have to get up close and personal to kill one another, orgies are common. Its not uncommon for any team to “gang rape" any single member of the other team too, see below.

And when my level of boredom rises, i buy weapons (heavy machine gun or shotgun) to pump those baddies.

Or use hand grenade to send them flying.