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My toy – Transformers Optimus Prime

Slow here but i got this as a present for my 30th birthday.

Optimus Prime toy from the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

Once out of the box, it took me quite some time (~2 hrs) to get it transformed to the truck.

The waist area extended…

Lower torso laid flat…

Front grill of truck can be seen from under boot feet…

Undercarriage of the truck formed…

Upper torso in position…

Chest opens up…

Head disappears…

Last stage of transformation…



Top 10 Manga to Leave to Posterity

If you are a manga fan, i am sure you will have your own top ten list. See this compiled list and compare with ur own.

AFA 08

For the first time, this is the anime exhibition that is held outside Japan. 33.3% managed to get me a free ticket and i was looking forward to it even though i don’t know what to expect.

I brought along my camera, having just 2 hours earlier added a Hoya UV filter for it. Supposed to help reduce glare (not noticeable at all) but mainly serve as a first protection for the more expensive lense. Cost me $20 from MS color @ AMK hub.

I was quite surprised to see that the crowd was not sparse. In fact, it was pretty crowded. Cosplayers can be seen walking around (i followed one Kakashi to the hall) and its a good sign that we are catching up on the daringness as compared to Japanese.

Enuff of talking. Here are some of the pictures i took. Was quite disappointed, thought they turn out well when i saw them on the camera. On the screen, KNS.

Argh!!!! Patlabor models tat i have never seen before! And they are not on sale! Argh!!!!

Was very sian when i saw this pic on the screen. Can’t seem to get the focusing right for objects behind glass.

Shana look very cute, pity about the anime though.

After this, we went to the mini concert by May’N who sang most of the theme songs for Macross Frontier. The crowd in front of the stage was fantastic.

May’N hasn’t come on stage yet, but the crowd was cheering and yelling at every possible indication that she is coming. I expected the crowded to be more subdued, after all, 宅男 are not known for expressing themselves.

I must say that the live performance is very impressive. Her vocals are powerful and she did a very good job of bringing the audience alive.

May’N mini concert brought an end to the whole anime festival. This maybe msh less impressive than what Japan has, but i am very glad to have attend this one and surely lookig forward to the next one at 2009.

Lastly, to 33.3%, the vid i took got sound de ok?

Anime review – Appleseed Ex Machina

Ex Machina (actually pronounced as Ex Ma-ki-na) is the sequel to the well-received Appleseed released in 2004. Released only in 20th Oct 2007, we at singapore are pretty late in receiving the official DVD version somewhere mid March. Thanks to my otaku 33.3%, i managed to watch this the same week as Evangelion 1.0.

Appleseed, unknown to many, actually began as a manga from 1985, as did many animations. Pls find out more about Appleseed here if you are not familiar with it.

Ex Machina continues from where Appleseed ended off. The lead protagonist Deunan with her cyborg lover Briareos (i wonder why they design him to look like a rabbit with those ears) are caught in a new terrorist act that not only involved cyborgs but humans as well. They were unable to find out who the mastermind was and things got worse when Briareos himself was affected, once claimed by his doctor was impossible.

Without further ado, lets see how this anime fare.

Storyline – 24 / 30%

Plausible storyline, easy to catch on although it does get a little taxing trying to understand why the mastermind was carrying out this attack. I am not really into all those emotional spiritual stuff so a blur here. Nonetheless, captivating.

Entertainment value – 22 / 25%

Nice fighting scenes and there are some scenes John Woo fans will not be strangers to. Especially when the acclaimed director himself was the producer. Very interesting to watch how Deunan react to her lover lookalike and how the three of them develop.

Graphics – 23 / 25%

Really, they managed to improve on the wonderful work on Appleseed and now the ladies in Ex Machina appeared so flawless and lifelike. This show has really bring the level of animation up to another standard which would be compared to for years to come.

Pace/Flow – 18 / 20%

Barely a down moment. The pace is well rounded with the relationships between Deunan, Briareos and his clone while going on with the bigger plot of the terrorist acts.

Overall: 87%

Anime fans will never miss this great show, both in terms of story and graphics alike. Non anime fans will not be wrong to watch this as this could very well be benchmark for many animes. This is better than the Evangelion 1.0 i watched in the same week, and will most likely make “Brave Story" that i am about to watch very pale in comparison indeed.

Ingram move version

After that tiring business trip, its back to routine life for me this weekend before i go into my 2 weeks ICT.

So before chinatown gets too crowded for the new year, i went down to chinatown again to pick up my Ingram movie version.

The main street was closed at 2pm onwards today. Kinda made it rather difficult to get to the shop.

Posing and photo-taking immediately after reaching home.

One small problem with Revoltech figures is that sometimes, the figures are slightly distorted. When i took the Ingram out of the box, the upper torso was tilted to one side. I had to take it apart and use pliers to twist the connecting rod back. Luckily i didn’t break it.

AVR-0 vs Brocken vs Helldiver vs Griffon

Went down to Chinatown to collect my orders of the Revoltech figurines, No.40, the ARL99B Helldiver and No.41, limited edition red Brocken.

I wanted the red Brocken because its limited edition. The blue one is more common and i already have one though that’s not from Revoltech but Bandai.

So as soon as i got bathed and freshen up myself after reaching home, i delicately took them out of their boxes. Posed them up together with the Griffon and AVR-0.

Brocken vs AVR-0

Had this been in the actual story of Patlabor, i have no doubts that AVR-0 will win in this face-off. In fact, the AVR-0 is supposed to be one of the best labor in the whole series, had Noa Izumi been more familiar with this machine, Griffon will stand no chance.

Built like a heavy armor tank, the Brocken is a tough opponent too.

Slugging it out on my bed, to be my partner for the night?

This is one of my favourite labor in the series.

Used by the Japanese Self-Defence Force, the ARL-99B is an airborne labor that is featured on-off in the OVA and the first movie.

Griffon vs Helldiver.

This is pretty an even match in my opinion. They never really did managed to square off with each other in the whole series. I am quite divided since Griffon is my favourite but Helldiver is better built overall.

I am rather squeezed for space now in my display cabinet and my Ingram movie version is not here yet. As you can see, its very cramped indeed.

Gundam DeathScythe is kinda upset at being having to face Griffon backside from now onwards.

Movie review – Vexille

Vexille" is the latest anime to be shown at the Picturehouse at Cathay.

The name does nothing to tell what story this anime is about. The movie poster of a very handsome lady in futuristic armor suggest that the timeline is set far ahead of us.

Set in the year 2077, the story is set on an american lady by the name “Vexille". She is a member of an elite squad “SWORD" together with her lover Leon.

In the year 2077, things are very different. Japan, being more technologically inclined and advanced than other countries, developed ways to create androids. This is fiercely opposed by the UN so Japan, refusing to take a backward step in their quest for technology advancement, withdraw themselves from the UN and went into a total solitary state similiar to the one they did long long time ago.

This time though, its different. Using technology developed mainly by the mega corp Daiwa Industries, Japan was able to keep out intruders, radio waves, satellite imaging totally and at the same time, no one leave. For 10 years since 2076, nobody knows what happen to Japan.

It was widely suspected that Japan, under Daiwa Industries, continued on their ethically incorrect project, and rightly so when SWORD nearly managed to capture one guy from Daiwan, only to get his artificial leg.

A very different anime, in the sense that Japan is not portrayed as a righteous country which can do no wrong (what you get in american films). Very little nationalist sentiments in this anime. In fact, at the end, there is no a single person from Japanese race left.

1) Storyline – 28 / 30%

The storyline is something very different from what we are so used to from Japan, so different that its actually refreshing. A slight twist of love is added to spice up an otherwise very sombre mood.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25%

With such a fantastic storyline, its not hard to get so entertained. This anime does not let down with some of the usual action scenes.

3) Voiceover – 15 / 25%

There is no cast in animes, so voiceovers are very important. Didn’t score highly in this aspect since i find it funny that americans speak japanese so fluently that i initially thought “Vexille" is japanese.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20%

Engaging pace and flow, some of the scenes keep me at the edge of my seats while some left me a brief respite for more twists to follow.

Overall: 83/100