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I wish…

I wish for the following

1) able to tell the truth from lies

2) thicker forearms

3) more hair (on my head)

4) enjoy simple things like a garlic bread on my way home

5) travel to a deep mountain retreat, alone


I dreamed a dream (from Les Miserables)

I saw the wonderful video of Susan Boyle and her take of the “I dreamed a dream". Decide to lookup on youtube and found this.

Will you help in this case?

This scenario happened to me some time ago. Wanna know how others will react in my shoes.

I was trying to borrow some library books at the automated kiosk. An indian lady, with 3 kids approached me and seeing me borrowing only 2 books (out of allowed 4), asked me, “Can you help me borrow some books?"

Emo since feb 09

Its been some time since i last posted anything on my blog. I was, and probably still in to some extent affected by what happened recently.

So despite my efforts to perk up and resumed my routine, normal life, i couldn’t. I am in the slums of my life and it really sucks big time. Something had forced it way through into my life, akin to shafting a hugh rod up my ass. Worse, i may have to learn to live with this bloody rod.

This post served no other purpose. I just want to write something to fill up the dates since the last post which is like more than 2 weeks ago.

Damn emo.