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Kaidayo release #40, #41(FS) and #42

Today i received news of the latest release of Revoltech for Patlabor series.

First is #40, the most anticipated of the 3. Its ARL-99B, Helldiver. Its the japan army parachute-deployed labor which i think is cooler than the Ingram used by Noa, the main character.





Next is #41, the Brocken labor which was produced by Schaft Enterprise Europe for the army use. Comes in the normal blue and red which was seen in the OVA. Which one do you think i should get?BK1




The red one looks nicer in my opinion.

Last is #42, also come in 2 version. Ingram 1 and Ingram 2. Piloted by Noa Izumi and Ohta respectively.


Now i intend to get 2 Helldivers, 1 red Brocken and 1 Ingram #1. These would really allow me to setup a scene from the comics / movie / OVA which then i can take photos with. Gotta burn a hole in my pocket soon, but i am sure its all worth it.


The 2008 Honda Jazz/Fit

Now this is a real competitor to my current target SX-4.

Both are hatchback, both look sporty (esp with bodykit) and both offer a decent level of equipment inside and outside the car. Most importantly, the price of both cars is about the same, around S$60,000. I find them comparable even though Jazz is only a 1.3 with i-VTEC and SX-4 is 1.6 with VVT.

What is common about both cars and kinda appeals to me is their branched out A-pillar creating that small window just ahead of the wing mirrors.

Now the SX-4 advantages over the Jazz is

1. Its likely to be more exclusive compared to Jazz

2. It looks more sporty

3. Its a 1.6

4. It comes with steering wheel mounted audio controls

The Jazz wins with

1. its FC. It is top in its class, 24km/litre on paper, beating SX-4 with its 13km/litre

2. space and volume despite being shorter in dimensions than SX-4

3. really ergonomic dashboard

FC is likely to be the main deciding factor in the current ever-rising oil prices. So its likely to be Jazz for now, until i eventually buy then.



I find the red bodykit very sporty. Which one do you like?

New wallpaper for me

After 2 weeks of Tifa cosplay as my wallpaper, this one has successfully win me over. I am a Patlabor fan after all. Pity its only 800×600.

Griffon vs Ingram

金莎 – 翻版林志玲?

For 33.3% of my readers who likes the PRC born singer 金莎.

Seems like she is going along the sexy line. Does she look like Tiffany to you?

jin sha1

jin sha2

now the last one was not done very sexily, even find it somehow yucky. Uploaded this because 33.3% may like it.

jin sha lick knee

Fetish for glasses?

Found some pics of some cuties with specs on. I personally like the first 2. Which one is to your liking?








Why Croatia beat England

The real reason why Croatia can beat England is extracted below. May not be totally untrue, in my opinion.

The X-rated anthem that helped sink England

Football fan websites in Croatia want a medal for the British singer whose X-rated rendition of the country’s national anthem apparently helped the team to beat England.
Opera singer Tony Henry mis-pronounced a key line in the national anthem before Wednesday’s match and sang “my penis is a mountain" to the delight of the Croat players.
The anthem is written in the old Croat style. Instead of singing “Mila kuda si planina", which translates “You know my dear how we love your mountains“, he sang “Mila kura si planina" – “My dear, my penis is a mountain“.

Croatian players Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric were seen grinning at each other when they heard the mistake, and fans said it relaxed the team and helped them to their 3-2 victory.

Even the Croat ball boys could not stop themselves from smirking at the gaffe.

Croat fan websites have now called for the London-born singer, who lives in Inverness, to be given a medal and become the team’s official mascot for Euro 2008.
Mate Prlic, from Croatian football magazine Torcida, said: “He obviously relaxed the players so why not invite him to Euro 2008 to keep the winning streak going?"

Aeljka Tomljenovic, from the British-Croatian Society, said: “His version didn’t sound like the original but our national anthem is very hard to sing and I don’t envy him because the pronunciation is so difficult."

Douglas Gillespie, Mr Henry’s agent, said last night: “Tony has a great reception from the Croatian fans and already feels part of their campaign for Euro 2008."

Counting down to Taipei trip

Its only 6 days more to my Taipei trip and its only begin to sink into me that its coming. Can’t wait.

If i start packing my bag today, is it too early?