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Would you save it?

During certain times of the year, there is a sudden showing up of those winged ants, some not more than a centimeter, some an inch long.

These flying insects always appear in my toilet, trapped in the pails of water that my mum keep. Perhaps they are attracted by the reflections of the light above, misled that they were actually flying towards the moon.

I don’t like to see them struggling. I hate the sight of them inside the toilet bowl, pails.

So i save them.

Most of the time, i will use my clothing to help them out of their predicament, letting them have something to cling on to. Or i will fold small pieces of the toilet paper and lead them to climb on. Sometimes, i am quite puzzled by the length i go to save them.

But it was the reflection of the light source above that leads them to their doom. In the case, after i helped them out, it is only a matter of time before they start flying towards another water body again.

So that leads me to the question. If you know that something or someone you save will and is determined to seek another way to die, would you still do the rescue act in the first place?


Old and intolerant

A couple of months back, i was back from riding my bike and waiting for the lift when an old uncle wearing a motorbike helmet came along.

The lift came and he went in, totally ignoring me and with no intention to help me hold the door while i pushed my bike in. The door came closing twice on my bike and i was rather surprised to see a selfish idiot nowadays. Eventually, i managed to get my bike in.

Reached my floor first and i pushed my bike out. Needless to say, he just stood there.

Its ok. First time, i will forgive but won’t forget.

So today, i took my new bike out and went for a spin nearby. When i was at the void deck waiting for the lift to come down, i was joined by this lady and a young girl.

The lift came and i pushed my bike in while they came in later, beckoning to someone whom i cannot see, to join them. Then, this old uncle in bike helmet appeared and came into the lift with a look of disgust.

“The bike cannot go in anymore meh?"

CB. You dun have eyes to see izzit?

The lady, apparently his daughter, simply remarked that the lift ride is only a short while so just bear with it lah. Then the old idiot continued with why should the bike can use the lift, blah blah…

Nabei. You KPKB enuff liao boh?

Reached my floor and lucky for him and me, he went out of the lift so that i can push my bike out. While exiting, i said my thanks to the lady, she deserved it. Had not be her existence, i would have blown it and said ugly things.

I realised that as people grow older, they tend to get less easy to get along, less tolerant of others. This is quite opposite of what i thought i will be when i get older, to be more 看得開 and 隨便. Afterall, having grown to such an age, shouldn’t one have learn that being grouchy and selfish will only make oneself miserable?

Get this freebie!

I went to Audio-house @ Liang Court yesterday to claim a free gift; a flimsy lousy laptop bag. Saw this book at the service counter with a sign “Pls take one" beside it.

Initial reaction was to think there must be some kind of mistake. The lady behind the counter confirmed it wasn’t and i happily took one.

Car buy

After like almost 2 weeks of eager anticipation, we (my gf and i) went down to Champion motors yesterday.

Was still a little comprehensive at first. After our routine roller-blading session, we went to the MacD nearby and I tried to calculate all the possible monthly installments that i would face if the loans are anything from one year to seven.

Taken at the loan interest rate of 2.5% quoted, that would means an annual interest of $750. The more years i stretch, the more $750 i will pay. Between paying more interest and having enough left of my miserable pay, we picked 5 years. I will still have enough to eat and buy Autocar mag monthly, but have to cut down on movies and unnecessary spendings. So for the next five years, i will have to tighten my belt.

A 2min drive from the MacD got us to the showroom. I didn’t feel any of the eagerness nor the excitement. My brother had earlier advised me not to show that i am desperate for the car or the SE will be more reluctant to throw in freebies for the deal. But it wasn’t my bro’s advise that got me to act the way i did. I just cannot bring myself to the same emotional level when i left the showroom last weekend.

I had an appointment with the SE. He seem glad to see me although i have already gave my word that i will be there. Probably its because he knew that i am considered an easy customer. I didn’t really bargain very hard for freebies.

We discussed again the loan deals and he offered an improved package. Lower interest rate, guaranteed COE bidding and more cash discounts but the visors and OPC coupons are no longer valid. I took all this into mind and poked my calculator to know that this is a better deal that was previously offered. For the visors and the car alarm, he offered to get discounts from an outside workshop after i get the car.

We then discussed when is a good time to take delivery of the car. Didn’t want to pay a higher insurance premium during my 28~29 yrs old period. The savings, as a result of getting the car 2 months later sum up to twenty over dollars. Didn’t feel like its worth the wait so i agreed to getting the car at the earliest possible time, pending COE availability.

So while the SE was preparing the documents and the GF was trying to understand the whole package, i wandered off and loitered around the showroom. I found myself getting into not the SX-4, but the Grand Vitara, something that i can always like but can never buy. While in the seat, i wondered how this SUV will drive like. Maybe i should arrange for a test drive someday.

After all the signing of the loan applications and order forms, the SE thanked us for our support and we left the showroom. just before we get to the car, we remembered on the car plate number and hurried back to our SE to inform him that numbers starting with “4″ is no-no. Assured of that, we finally leave the place.

Overall experience? Well, this is my first time getting a car. And a car that i have my eyes on since its launch at Dec 2006 car show. Its a car that both me and the GF liked very much (although she later deviated and wanted the sedan). Am i happy? I think i am. Am i looking forward to getting the car? I think so. The SE made this an overall pleasant experience with his earnest attitude and knowledge of the car. On the whole, i am happy with his services so far.

Already now, i am jumping the gun and starting to look around on how to take care of a new car. Read somewhere that Paint Protection system (PPS) is recommended but pretty costly. Stuffs that make the car more economical, like voltage stabilizers and air filters are good to have too. I am not sure if i can take good care of a car. Maybe its because of this reason, why i lost that passionate level of anticipation.

Carpark incident

Met up my girlfriend and drove to HDB hub at Toa Payoh. Was trying to reverse into a parking slot when i hear a sickening “metal-kiss-metal" sound. Saw in my rearview mirror there’s this Latio and the driver was giving me this WTF look.

Went down, assess the damage. Not bad, i mean not too bad. Scratches on the left of my rear bumper, and a couple of scratches on his front, jus beside the car plate. Now i assess this chap. He didn’t seem ah beng, or tried to act like one. We managed to discuss without any expletives. I was trying to park my car but your car is too near, i horned you but you neber hear. I how to park my car if yours is so near? But my car very new leh, less than one month only… blah blah blah…

So i agreed to foot partly his bill, and i prob have to foot everything for my girlfriend’s dad’s car. I’d better tighten my belt for this month.


Went for gastroscopy yesterday at TTSH at the recommendation by some specialist since i was complaining my stomach always feel bloated.
Gastroscopy is an investigation procedure whereby a doc will insert a tube (armed with camera and tiny forceps) with a diameter of a five cent coin to see wat’s going on inside. The tube will goes from the mouth, down the throat into the gullet and then finally at the stomach. Sometimes it may also go down further into the small intestine, depending on wat the doc is trying to find. This procedure may take place while the patient is sedated (knock out) but in my case, i chose to have it awake.
First the nurse sprayed something into my throat to make the area numb. I am glad they did. My throat is not going to like the tube. After about 3min, my tongue and throat feel numb, i can’t even feel my saliva going down. Then i was told to bite on a small plastic “doughnut" so that the tube can go in and i won’t have a chance to bite to stop it.
It is uncomfortable. Damn fucking uncomfortable. I couldn’t swallow my saliva, i almost couldn’t breath since my gullet now is forced open by the tube. I keep choking and coughing but the doc has no intention to stop. And during this time, i can see on the screen what the tube is capturing. I could see my tongue at first, then my throat, gullet and then some pinkish stuff i cannot really care since i was choking. And the more i stared at the screen, the more unbearable it became. Finally i jus closed my eyes and hope everything will be over soon.
I can actually feel it coming out as the doc tried to calm me down. I could feel it sliding out of my stomach, thru my chest and then out of my mouth. Along with the tube came out my gastric juices but i was panting too heavily to care about the mess i made.
The doc had actually spent some time with the tube inside my stomach getting some samples for biopsy. The whole procedure lasted around 10min but it certainly feels longer.

Thinking back at this 10min, i am glad in some way that i didn’t choose to be sedated. This was an experience that is unforgettable and at the same time hopefully not repeatable. I must be more cautious about the things i put in my mouth now on, the long black tube is horrible enuff…