First of all, I must apologize. My last post was in late last year, I was very tied up my new house renovation, wedding and then honeymoon. Its about time I get back to my blog again.

This trip to Osaka is part of my honeymoon. I spent the first half in Osaka then followed by Taipei. We have never been to Osaka, so this trip has been a real new experience.

I chose Jet-star for the flight since they fly to Osaka and Taipei and Jet-star allowed sports equipment as part of the checked in luggage. More of this later. Reached their Kansai airport and took a train to Kyoto. There, we deposited our luggage and travel light.

This is the Kyoto station. It is not just a railway station.

It is also a huge shopping mall.

We decided to settle lunch here, but most of the shops at level 1 and basement were western style. I insisted on having something Japanese, so we went up the escalator.

We went up till the 11th floor, where there is this ramen street…

and settled for this shop.

To order, we do so via a machine like this. Choose what we want, insert the money, press the respective button and get a ticket with the order printed on it. Then pass the ticket to the waiter at the door. This is very common in Japan.

The price list. What it says, is the main dish is this 德島 ramen. 味玉 means 德島 ramen with additional egg. 肉入 means 德島 ramen with additional pork slices. Last one means both. The three prices below each are for normal, large and extra large serving. The words at bottom right “生卵無料" means raw egg is free.

The free raw eggs are in the middle of the table.

Nice little cosy shop.

She ordered fried rice because we initially didn’t know if the meat slices were beef or pork. If we bothered to read the signs outside, we would have known.

My ramen. I find this even better than some of the nicest ramen I have had back in Singapore. I thought this was good.

After lunch, we made our way down to take bus.

We got this packaged ticket, which allowed us to take the bus services within the town area unlimited rides.

Along the way…

We missed our stop, and thankfully, one uncle who was fluent in English, approached us on the bus and asked where we were heading. He told us how to get back to where we should be.

After like fifteen minutes of walking up a slope, we finally reached our first destination 清水寺.

The sloping street that leads to the temple. Lined along the streets are many shops that cater to tourists, selling souvenirs and such.

One such shop is this one, selling the famous “七味粉" or “Seven Flavors Powder".

We walked for quite a distance before we were required to buy the entrance tickets. I find the idea of entrance ticket for a temple rather strange.

The tickets are in a very nice size for bookmarks.

Somewhere in the center of this photo, there was a lady in black walking towards the rock in the foreground.

The legend is that, if one can walk, with his or her eyes closed, from one rock to the other which is like ten meters away, one can then find his or her destined lover. That was what the lady in black is trying to accomplish.

One of the two rocks on the ground.

We left the temple and took a walk to the bus stop to go back to Kyoto station. From there, we went back to Osaka to check into our hotel.

This is the one. Grande Vista Hotel Osaka. Decently priced and comes with all the basic amenities. Location is pretty good too.

The Asahi “Dry" lighted advertisement is quite an icon here.

We settled here for dinner, its similar to Yoshinoya.

Again, its the same way of placing orders. Select the items we want from a vending machine instead of the waitor.

The famous Glico “Running Man".

At night, the streets near my hotel really come to life with all the neon lights.

This huge moving crab mascot is also a very famous landmark in Osaka.

This H&M occupies the all four levels of this building. There is Uniqlo which is like fifteen minutes walk away and also in a five stories building by itself.

福山雅治 in a giant advertisement for Toshiba tablet.

I got nothing to say when I saw this.

Walked past this shop and couldn’t resist buying takopuchi. Do you know that Takopuchi originated from Osaka?

This is the packaging for the Takopuchi.

Its really a bit over, we don’t expect the little balls of flour to be packed in some fancy box and then into a nice paper bag like this. You have to give it to the Japanese when it comes to packaging.

I said nice right?

This was all I expected actually. Haha…

I almost bought this to go along with my Takopuchi.