4th Oct was a very much anticipated day for many Apple fanboys. The Iphone5 has been rumored for a while, the fake version was even selling like hotcakes in China. Plenty of websites with the wish-lists of the new features Iphone5 can bring.

In the end, it almost came to nothing.

Read this.  It didn’t take a genius in you or me to figure it out why Apple was and has been so feverish in its legal pursuits against Samsung. It was almost like a natural reflex that they had to do so, and confirmed when the specs of the Iphone 4S was released.

Oh well.

Truthfully, I don’t want to see the end of Apple products. I don’t want Apple to go down like Palm. I want Apple to go on, to survive, so that my dear Android can have a reason to compete, to continue to improve and benefit users like me.

On a sidenote, I do and often trade in Apple stocks. AAPL has been a constant prick in my throat when I see that I am not earning much out of it. Please let me have one less reason to dislike this company. Darn.