Met up my girlfriend and drove to HDB hub at Toa Payoh. Was trying to reverse into a parking slot when i hear a sickening “metal-kiss-metal" sound. Saw in my rearview mirror there’s this Latio and the driver was giving me this WTF look.

Went down, assess the damage. Not bad, i mean not too bad. Scratches on the left of my rear bumper, and a couple of scratches on his front, jus beside the car plate. Now i assess this chap. He didn’t seem ah beng, or tried to act like one. We managed to discuss without any expletives. I was trying to park my car but your car is too near, i horned you but you neber hear. I how to park my car if yours is so near? But my car very new leh, less than one month only… blah blah blah…

So i agreed to foot partly his bill, and i prob have to foot everything for my girlfriend’s dad’s car. I’d better tighten my belt for this month.