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Movie review – The Proposal

“The Proposal" is quite your typical love comedy. Two person who have a absolute dislike for each other are suddenly forced by circumstances to be together, act like they are together and eventually, got together.

Sandra Bullocks starred as Margaret Tate, a workaholic bitchy boss with little EQ. Her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) worked like a slave under her but remained committed to the job otherwise. When Margaret, a canadian, has to find some legal mean to stay in US, she decided that a fake marriage with her assistant was the best idea.

So given four days, she must travel to Andrew’s hometown, a small town in Alaska and build up a “relationship" with Andrew and his family. Needless to say, this is where the all it began.

1) Storyline – 18 / 30

Ordinary story. I knew before i entered the cinema that both of them would get together, despite their differences. This is how all such shows ended. I am eager to see one that doesn’t.

2) Entertainment value – 16 / 25

Jokes are plenty. Ryan was very funny with his one-lines. My girl was giggling throughout the show.

3) Cast – 18 / 25

The cast of Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullocks worked very well, in my opinion. One is a hardworking young man while the other is a getting on age boss.

4) Pace / Flow – 15 / 20

Pretty smooth going, no noticeable period where bore sets in.

Overall: 67/100

Not a bad show to watch. But rather within expectations how the show will turn and end up.


Movie review – GI Joe

We were really running out of stuffs to do on a wet monday afternoon so decided to catch this show. It wasn’t a show i had expected much from, so i guess that helped a lot.

I never watched GI Joe when it was a cartoon back in the 80s, so besides the low expectation, i went into the theatre without knowing the original storyline nor the characters. I think the producers must have expected a lot of people like me, for there was no harsh introductions to the main characters. Flashback scenes were plenty to let me know more about the background of Snake eyes and Storm Shadow and others.

Storm Shadow (李炳憲)

Snake Eyes (who knows? and the katana a bit short rite? or is it just me?)

The show is not all deadpan serious, jokes are plentiful and well mixed with all the action and graphics. Guys will be glad to know that there’s a good dose of babe-watch as well.

Baroness (Sienna Miller)

Scarlett (Rachel Nichols)

1) Storyline – 20 / 30

The story is not the most fantastic but it managed to get through with all the actions. If you are a fan of GI Joe, you will know about Cobra and therefore knew that this show does not stick wholesale to the cartoon storyline.

2) Entertainment value – 23 / 25

I find it surprisingly entertaining given that i knew nothing about GI Joe at the start. The actions are very good but don’t expect to have any suspense in the story.

3) Cast – 18 / 25

I only know Dennis Quaid but his role in it was not that significant. Still i enjoyed the characters of Baroness and Scarlett tremendously. Great babes.

4) Pace / Flow – 18 / 20

At nearly 2 hours long, it certainly didn’t feel that way. Meaning to say the show went on very well without being draggy.

Overall: 79/100

I am quite glad to have not missed this show. Its one of those that it very well out-performed its expectations and gave me a very well entertained 2 hours. There is a big likelihood that there will be a part two, so i will be watching for it.


I went from one moment of bliss to another of disgust when watching the first episode of this new J-drama.

But its damn nice lah, got 夏帆 in it!!!!!!!!!

Sad video

Should play this in front of those who just got their driving license. And ah-bengs who like to speed in their rex/evo/gtr…

Movie review – Public Enemies

Based on the book “Public Enemies: America’s Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933–34″, it tells the story of one bunch of criminals with John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) as the center character. Christian Bale starred as FBI Agent Melvin Purvis, tasked to hunt down Dillinger and his cronies.

Btw, all these did really happen from those said years. Dillinger was a famous bank robber (i used “famous" because he was well-liked by the common people and the press media) but nonetheless a cold blooded killer. The movie, tried to follow the actual events as close as possible, down to those teeny little details like where the gunshot exit wounds recorded to be.

1) Storyline – 18 / 30

Although this was based on a true story, i feel that the storytelling itself did not bring out the best in it. I felt somehow lacking when certain characters suddenly appear/die and got rather lost.

2) Entertainment value – 15 / 25

Even though i knew that Dillinger will die and how he would die, the show shouldn’t feel lifeless. It was kinda draggy in the beginning but as the show went on, it starts to hurry and leaves many questions unanswered.

3) Cast – 16 / 25

Johnny Depp is good. Christian Bale is so-so and i don’t feel his face can give a wide range of expressions.

4) Pace / Flow – 13 / 20

The show is at its best during those bank robbery scenes which are few and far between. The other parts are quite boring but the good thing is, many actual events/details are followed closely.

Overall: 62/100

Think of this show as a documentary showing the criminals of the 30’s and you will forgive the shortcomings this movie has.

My toy – Transformers Optimus Prime

Slow here but i got this as a present for my 30th birthday.

Optimus Prime toy from the Revenge of the Fallen movie.

Once out of the box, it took me quite some time (~2 hrs) to get it transformed to the truck.

The waist area extended…

Lower torso laid flat…

Front grill of truck can be seen from under boot feet…

Undercarriage of the truck formed…

Upper torso in position…

Chest opens up…

Head disappears…

Last stage of transformation…