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Crossroad in my life

In a conversation i had a couple of days back, it struck me that i have not found what i wanna do with my life five years after i grad.

I am at my second job, a sucky position with no bright prospects. The company is heading nowhere and i would dread to go sinking with this ship. I am looking elsewhere, but where should i go? Should i leave without any clear idea in mind?

Or should i even leave at all?

I never believe in doing my utmost best for work. Life is short, and work should never be a priority in life. Work mainly serve the purpose of bring the bacon home, but home is where i need to bring the bacon to and not the office. I just need to do my part, the basic requirements.

I treasure relationships with the people around me. I am at this job because it gives me the time to do the things i want, to be with the people i want to be with. In short, i like the freedom. This is how a job should be.

Could i have done it differently? Probably. I could have another approach to my work, stay back as often as my colleagues to finish up everything way before deadline to score some impressive points with my boss. I could join as a shift engineer, work myself till i lose any last bit of my social life. I could apply for positions overseas. But at what price? I get to see less of my family, my friends. I probably won’t know how my dad’s sickness has worsen, how my niece learned to walk and pronounce names, how difficult it was for 33.3% to get his wedding arrangements done… and i will most prob still be single too. Giving my best shot at work means i have to fall short somewhere else in my life. There is no best win-win situation in life.

Is it all worth it?

I am having doubts now. Why should i continue? For who?

Not my parents. They are happily occupied taking care of my niece. Not my friends, they have a life going on their own.For my GF?

Its hard to keep up when i am feeling short-changed by her commitment to her job. She is a changed person ever since the current job started and i am losing the sense of familiarity with her. I never envision myself having a less-than family committed wife.

Its probably time i move on. Spend less time and efforts on people around me and focus on my personal/career aspects instead. I should start learn to enjoy myself more, get out to see and know more friends since time is of an abundance, especially when my GF may soon get posted overseas.

Who knows of what the future brings? Nothing is for sure, isn’t it?

If you know me personally, kindly read and forget. I will do the same too.


VivoCity carpark can be a total f***** mess

At around 7pm plus yesterday, i decided to drop by vivocity.

It was a long queue to the carpark entrance, and when i finally get to the gantry, i noticed that there were zero slots available in either B1 or B2. Even then, i was allowed to enter.

In the carpark, there were many car spinning around the place looking for lots, more cars than what was normally seen. It was so packed until cars barely moved, can barely park (if lucky) or move out of a slot.

And every available space in the carpark is occupied by a car doing some illegal parking. It was so damn obvious that there are way too many cars inside this carpark than the slots available.

Both levels turn out to be equally as crowded and after like 20min, i had enough. As i exited, i realised that $3 was being deducted off my cashcard. Extremely pissed, i pressed the intercom button on the booth at the gantry and screamed at it. “Why do i have to pay $3 when i was spinning around and cannot get a bloody slot?!"

The reply was both inaudible as well as incomprehensible. I stop short of hurling more vulgarities and left the place. Fuck, i won’t be coming to vivocity anytime soon.

Get this freebie!

I went to Audio-house @ Liang Court yesterday to claim a free gift; a flimsy lousy laptop bag. Saw this book at the service counter with a sign “Pls take one" beside it.

Initial reaction was to think there must be some kind of mistake. The lady behind the counter confirmed it wasn’t and i happily took one.

Happy 1 year birthday to my little Suzie

Its my little suzie’s one year birthday today, some things have changed since then for me and my car.
My car paintwork no longer shines as it did. My open carpark, tree sap, bird’s droppings all did their toll on the delicate paint. I was also not exactly diligent when it comes to car washing too. Besides the shine, there’s been a few scratches too. Its almost impossible to survive the public carpark without getting a few dents/.

Creaks and vibration noise are also getting increasing noticeable during normal driving. I have been pretty clueless in trying to locate the source and the routine servicing cannot solve the problem too.

However, its not to say that my suzie is getting worse everyday.

The drive is smoother now. The accumulated mileage has smoothen the pistons a fair bit. Accelerating and cruising are now more effortless, compared to when i got started driving. This has translated into better fuel economy and my suzie can now reach almost 13km for every litre.

As for me, i have not quite fully get a feel of the car. I still find the front pillar blocking my view when i am turning right. I still leave a large gap behind when i park my car, fear from previously driving a sedan. I still cannot parallel park well, still not too sure of the car’s dimensions. But its getting better each time i drive.

I have also come to accepting quite a few things. Firstly, scratches/dents are almost unavoidable and there is only so much i can do. I don’t park beside lorries/vans, prefer slots beside pillars and giving a wide berth to the next car whenever possible.

I also learn to become a better driver. I give way to cars coming into my lane, even if their inability to signal does not really bother me. I learn to be more patient behind the wheel, turning my attention to the radio or scenary if a jam is getting frustrating.

In all, having a car means more than getting a transportation vehicle to me. In driving and owing a car, i have learn a lot about myself and others.

Movie review – Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons is the prequel to the controversial  “Da Vinci Code". For those from planet Mars, “The Da Vinci Code“, a film from 2006 based on the same titled novel from Dan Brown raised many eyebrows with many intepretations that put christianity in rather bad light. Boycotted by catholics worldwide, it nonetheless went on to be the second highest grossing movie in that year.

Having not read the book beforehand, i am not disappointed from any prior expectations. But i shall not spoil any fun here since i really think the movie is captivating to even readers of the book. Parts of the story in the book was taken out, probably to make the whole thing more believable and realistic. Well, can’t really expect the book to stick faithfully to the book, whats the point of a movie adaption then?

1) Storyline – 25 / 30
To be fair, the story probably won’t be much of a thrill for those who have read the book before. But i especially liked the twist at the end of the show, it made sense of the incidents in the show and for me, really completes the story.

Guess who is the bad guy here?

2) Entertainment value – 15 / 25
It was thrilling to follow Langdon around Rome, searching for clues and trying to save the four cardinals, only to see one by one fallen to victim. Towards the later third of the show, the thrill sorta tapers off and i can feel the time ticking.

3) Cast – 14 / 25
Most people wished that someone younger, more suave, more athletic will take the role of Robert. I wished so too.

4) Pace / Flow – 17 / 20
The few hours that Robert Langdon has to solve the whole mystery is pretty nicely compressed into an entertaining 130 min.

Overall: 71%
The anticipation of the show, the hype, was just about aptly for the actual show. Good watch for those going into the theatre with a fresh mind, not so fantastic if you already know the story.

Sure or not?

So, our neighbour Truly Asia caught our most wanted Mas Selamat with the help of our ISD? Really?

Movie review – Taken

“Taken" is a show about how deep a father’s love for his daughter can go. This sentence about sums up the movie.

Liam Neeson played Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA agent who lost his marriage due to his work commitments. After his ex-wife remarried, he gave up his career to live close to his teenage daughter so that he can always protect her. I personally felt that he is rather too close sometimes for comfort even though he meant well. He just got too sensitive from his previous experiences.

When Kim wanted to go on a Europe tour, he got understandably uncomfortable. True enough, things went bad very fast when Kim arrived at Paris.

Sweet young Kim

1) Storyline – 18 / 30

Simple story. Dad goes rescuing daughter. While some conspiracy was added midway through the show, the main plot got on very fast.

2) Entertainment value – 22 / 25

Although i gave 22 here, the entertainment value here is not the same as what you will get from watching, say Shrek. Its a kinda different feeling, more dark but enjoyable nonetheless.

3) Cast – 18 / 25

Beside Liam Neeson, the woman who played Dr Jean Gray in X-men was his ex-wife (now i know she is called Famke Janssen). Maggie Grace (remember the bitch from “Lost"?) as his daughter Kim. Liam was wonderful in my opinion as this father with a mission, he has always been quite a good actor actually.

4) Pace / Flow – 19 / 20

This is where the show shines. At less than two hours long, the show moved along without any letup in the plot and action. Well, given that the plot required the pace to be so, i still felt that viewers will be kept to the edge of the seats, hoping to see how this desperate father rescue his daughter.

Overall: 77/100

Nice action show but don’t expect Jacky Chan styled moves.

What really touched me was how far a father can go for his daughter, the way he planned and plotted was pretty amazing. Nice.