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佛牙寺 – one nite at chinatown

I got an invitation from the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (known as BTRTM) sometime earlier to go down for the lighting ceremony for my 神. So i went down with my girlfriend on saturday afternoon for the ceremony.

As you can see, its a hot day. The air con inside the temple is very welcoming indeed. We managed to get ourselves registered for the 1pm+ session after i pondered on my chinese birthday and time of birth. My mum never bothered to tell me, neither was i interested. We then paid $20 for some items (i was not convinced to pay $38 more for the seven precious stones) which you can see below.

Consist (for one pax) one mini mooncake, one lamp, one wishing card, one handphone accessory carrying the symbol of each and finally one odd shaped paper with a lot of words i cannot understand on it.

Waited for about 10min and its our turn for the ceremony. Plenty of standing, chanting by the monks and ended with a short march to the end of the temple. Took about 15min although the standing and holding the items must have make it felt longer.

Then come sunday and my mum wanted to go down too. I thought it might be a good chance for me to take some nite photography and i went too. Here is one where the exact ceremony take place.

You can see many wishing cards, i kapo and read some. Its not surprising that some wrote Toto, 4D and passing driving test as their wishes.

Then something not related. I saw this on the road while trying to get a bus home. Its very near to where the temple is, i wonder what they are there for.


SBS – it can read ur mind

Our very own public bus service, namely SBS, has always been one of my favourite topic, not for its efficiency, but rather its lack of it.

You see, ever since i had to readily depend on SBS for my trips to and from uni, waiting time and travelling time were ripped from my life by slow drivers, poor coordinators and profits-driven company owners. I list them in the order of my memory below.

1) bus service 156 which i take to clementi has always been poor in its route itself. Always single deck, it will be crowded by the time it reaches my stop making it un-boardable. And the people crowded it will alight 2 stops later, so the bus will be empty. I guess the un-eveness of the distribution of the passengers make a super-bus not feasible, but then why can’t they change the fucking route?

2) I noticed that AIR-CON buses almost always feel bloody cold during cold weather and warm during hot weather. If the air-con serve to remind me of the weather outside, pls stop calling ur buses AIR-CON bus.

3) Try taking feeder bus from my house in the morning. I think i complained about this before since i do not think i should be waiting more than 15min for one. Damn, the whole bus route is not even more than 10 stops!!!

4) SBS has the most amazing ability to know when you want ur bus to come most, and not giving you it. One very good example, sunday late morning 11+am, i am very hungry and waiting for bus 162 to come and bring me home for brunch. And guess wat, i waited almost 20min for one.

5) Having SBS to operate the bus and NEL at the same time jus defeat the whole meaning of competition. I simply cannot comprehend what exactly is our dearest Transport ministar is up to that time. Well, singaporeans are the wonderfully simple people to not complain and jus suck whatever trash throw to them. Another thing is the physically and mentally impossible barriers to operate another bus service to compete against SBS. Well, i guess its all linked.


Fumina Hara IS getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I dunnoe what to say or feel. All i know is her husband-to-be is a 37yr old ex-J league soccer player, now a soccer commentator. They have announced their wedding couple of months ago and the wedding is due later this year.
She has been my favourite gravue / actress since dunnoe when (pls discount Matsu Takako). Lucky guy to be marrying her and I wish her all the best. Well, she DOES look blissful in the picture.

Sianz. I feel so unwell now.

Hair Loss counter-measures

In one of my previous post, one of the things that is constantly bothering me in my seeming thinning hair. I tot i should start doing something before its too late. So i read up on the internet, forum threads about people who are facing similar problems. Decided about 1 month+ back to try this topical solution called Minoxi5.
This solution (Minoxidil 5%) was originally used to treat high blood pressure but hair growth was an unexpected side effect. So now this drug is being commonly used for hair growth but not taken orally. One bottle is quite hard on the wallet too, $60+ for 80ml. Cheapest i can find oreadi.

Decided to see my GP 1 week back to seek more advice. She prescribed a drug called Propecia, which seems to be the only drug available for people like me. Supposed to see some effect of hair growth and decreased loss in 6 months or so. Another very expensive option since 28 pills (one a day) cost $95. But its the side effects that will worry most men though. These are decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, deceased volume of ejaculation, breast enlargement and tenderness (OMG!!!) and testicular pain.
I decided to give this drug a shot, since i don’t think i plan to be a father anytime soon. So far so good.

Last thing i am trying now is to wash my hair with a special shampoo my GP prescribed and using cold water everytime. The shampoo is only twice a week but i am using cold water everytime i wash my hair, so that the pores will contract and less oil get secreted. This is horrible since mornings nowadays are getting cold. Having cold water all over me is the last thing i want.

33.3% of my readers suggested i take a picture one of these days as a “Before" photo so that i can compare if these counter-measures are really working. Maybe i will do so and post the photo up here. Haha…

Getting obsessed with boobs in SOS

Ironman trailer

Ironman was a not-as-popular-as-spidey marvel creation some time back in my era. The on screen version is set to come some time next year. Here is the trailer for u to decide if u wanna catch this. Looks pretty nice to me.

Best ancient weapon vs modern machinery