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How to eat crabs

Crabs (chilli, black pepper or bee hoon) is one of my favourite dish but i refrain from eating them every other day because i find the killing quite cruel. My mum too, so now she refused to buy and cook crabs, if we were to eat, we will buy from the zhi cha stall downstairs.

I found a video teaching one how to eat crabs. For the GF who cannot use her mitts.



From 我猜我猜我猜猜猜, 吸金系超人氣店花

Watched the 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 last nite. Something i still watch on TV beside soccer match.

If u watched, u surely would have noticed the contestant No.2

Erm, the other contestants are pretty oso, but No.2, aka 嘟嘟 is prettier lah.

See for urself.

From left:

No3, No2, No4, dunnoe-who, No5 and No1.

So i was quite shocked and disgusted that No1 win the choice of 20 male undergrads as the best 店花. What were they thinking?!

林志玲 in GQ

Here are some photos from GQ featuring 林志玲 on the covers.

Man’s quest for more food?

I dunnoe whether i should be amazed or disgusted at what man does for his hunger for meat.

The first video is about selective breeding of cows. Very safe for work.


Do you like crab claws? I am not sure if this is humane or just pure wicked.



Today is exactly one month since i got my little suzie.

Well, she still look pretty much the same when she left the carpark one month ago. I managed to keep the exterior almost the same conditions, except for some fine scratches and one super obvious one on the fuel lid. Other than these, she is in good shape.

I bathed her twice so far, even applied wax once. I have no idea how long my enthusiasm will last but i am hoping to break the 3 month barrier. It gets really frustrating actually when the car is dusty like two days after the wash since my carpark is the open air type and now, all the heavy machineries are here for the lift upgrading.

So far, within this one month, i come to find what i like and dislike about the car. Yes, i don’t want to lie to myself or anyone that this car is flawless. It isn’t, as with all the other cars you see on the roads.

What i like:

1) Being a hatchback, parking has been comparably easier than the Mit Lancer that i used to drive. Being shorter means that i can squeeze into parking slots and not worry about my head or backside jutting out.

2) Being something a little rarer on the roads. You don’t get to see a red SX-4 on the roads that much, compared to red Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris. I like standing out and being different.

3) Even though my suzie is on 16″ rims, FC is not as bad as what i expect to see. First time was 11.4 which was not something to be happy about but the second top-up gave me 13.4 which is really a pleasant surprise. If after changing the engine oil can improve the FC, i can really start to aim to get 14~15km/litre. This is an extremely uplifting piece of news given the ever-rising petrol prices.

What i dislike:

1) I tot the small window ahead of the side mirrors will gimme better vision. What total rubbish. The two pillars at an angle means that i have a larger blind spot. I nearly knocked down one pedestrian on the zebra crossing that day.

2) The spare tyre is testing my patience. Sooner or later, i will have it out of the car and stow somewhere in my storeroom. Weight saving measures like this means a lot these days.

3) The wind noise when the windows are down is a joke. Normal conversations cannot be held. Somemore, the wind from the windows cannot be effectively cooling me down, meaning i have to on the air-con even during nite time.

These are what i have come to discover so far in this month. Overall, i have been pleased with the way things are going for the car, not so much outside though. I have been arguing with my GF over some petty issues regarding the car that i am finding owning a car brings me more troubles and bad moods than positive ones. Plus the fact that i did not achieve my initial purpose of getting a COE which i tot will be increasing in price. In hindsight, maybe i shouldn’t have bought this car afterall.

Aliens who know maths

Most of us think that life out there are more superior to homo sapiens. Perhaps this article will convince you so.


ka chng lau huei

Wah, last nite i go pang sai, use toilet paper wipe ka chng and see a lot of blood. Fresh red blood. I tot, siao liao lah, this time sure dai ji dua tiao liao.

So this morning i purposely wake up late and go see company doctor. She see my past records and noted that i last year got see specialist and du ka chng with some scope before. The results was ok but i got a light case of piles lah. That time, the specialist say every tom dick oso got piles, its only they notice or not.

So the doctor this morning ask me go lie on the bed and tng kor. She then tell me to tiam tiam and tong for 5 sec while she use her finger to poke my ass and feel for something extra. Wah liao eh, i nearly scream man. The feeling go all the way up to my throat and i want to vomit after she take her finger out. I cannot talk, i just look at her like tat.

She say most likely is inner rectum got pua peh and ask me not to think so much. Drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits and i should be ok. She then gimme some medicine, one to eat, one to stuff my ass de.

My poor ka chng.