A couple of months back, i was back from riding my bike and waiting for the lift when an old uncle wearing a motorbike helmet came along.

The lift came and he went in, totally ignoring me and with no intention to help me hold the door while i pushed my bike in. The door came closing twice on my bike and i was rather surprised to see a selfish idiot nowadays. Eventually, i managed to get my bike in.

Reached my floor first and i pushed my bike out. Needless to say, he just stood there.

Its ok. First time, i will forgive but won’t forget.

So today, i took my new bike out and went for a spin nearby. When i was at the void deck waiting for the lift to come down, i was joined by this lady and a young girl.

The lift came and i pushed my bike in while they came in later, beckoning to someone whom i cannot see, to join them. Then, this old uncle in bike helmet appeared and came into the lift with a look of disgust.

“The bike cannot go in anymore meh?"

CB. You dun have eyes to see izzit?

The lady, apparently his daughter, simply remarked that the lift ride is only a short while so just bear with it lah. Then the old idiot continued with why should the bike can use the lift, blah blah…

Nabei. You KPKB enuff liao boh?

Reached my floor and lucky for him and me, he went out of the lift so that i can push my bike out. While exiting, i said my thanks to the lady, she deserved it. Had not be her existence, i would have blown it and said ugly things.

I realised that as people grow older, they tend to get less easy to get along, less tolerant of others. This is quite opposite of what i thought i will be when i get older, to be more 看得開 and 隨便. Afterall, having grown to such an age, shouldn’t one have learn that being grouchy and selfish will only make oneself miserable?