After like almost 2 weeks of eager anticipation, we (my gf and i) went down to Champion motors yesterday.

Was still a little comprehensive at first. After our routine roller-blading session, we went to the MacD nearby and I tried to calculate all the possible monthly installments that i would face if the loans are anything from one year to seven.

Taken at the loan interest rate of 2.5% quoted, that would means an annual interest of $750. The more years i stretch, the more $750 i will pay. Between paying more interest and having enough left of my miserable pay, we picked 5 years. I will still have enough to eat and buy Autocar mag monthly, but have to cut down on movies and unnecessary spendings. So for the next five years, i will have to tighten my belt.

A 2min drive from the MacD got us to the showroom. I didn’t feel any of the eagerness nor the excitement. My brother had earlier advised me not to show that i am desperate for the car or the SE will be more reluctant to throw in freebies for the deal. But it wasn’t my bro’s advise that got me to act the way i did. I just cannot bring myself to the same emotional level when i left the showroom last weekend.

I had an appointment with the SE. He seem glad to see me although i have already gave my word that i will be there. Probably its because he knew that i am considered an easy customer. I didn’t really bargain very hard for freebies.

We discussed again the loan deals and he offered an improved package. Lower interest rate, guaranteed COE bidding and more cash discounts but the visors and OPC coupons are no longer valid. I took all this into mind and poked my calculator to know that this is a better deal that was previously offered. For the visors and the car alarm, he offered to get discounts from an outside workshop after i get the car.

We then discussed when is a good time to take delivery of the car. Didn’t want to pay a higher insurance premium during my 28~29 yrs old period. The savings, as a result of getting the car 2 months later sum up to twenty over dollars. Didn’t feel like its worth the wait so i agreed to getting the car at the earliest possible time, pending COE availability.

So while the SE was preparing the documents and the GF was trying to understand the whole package, i wandered off and loitered around the showroom. I found myself getting into not the SX-4, but the Grand Vitara, something that i can always like but can never buy. While in the seat, i wondered how this SUV will drive like. Maybe i should arrange for a test drive someday.

After all the signing of the loan applications and order forms, the SE thanked us for our support and we left the showroom. just before we get to the car, we remembered on the car plate number and hurried back to our SE to inform him that numbers starting with “4″ is no-no. Assured of that, we finally leave the place.

Overall experience? Well, this is my first time getting a car. And a car that i have my eyes on since its launch at Dec 2006 car show. Its a car that both me and the GF liked very much (although she later deviated and wanted the sedan). Am i happy? I think i am. Am i looking forward to getting the car? I think so. The SE made this an overall pleasant experience with his earnest attitude and knowledge of the car. On the whole, i am happy with his services so far.

Already now, i am jumping the gun and starting to look around on how to take care of a new car. Read somewhere that Paint Protection system (PPS) is recommended but pretty costly. Stuffs that make the car more economical, like voltage stabilizers and air filters are good to have too. I am not sure if i can take good care of a car. Maybe its because of this reason, why i lost that passionate level of anticipation.