Yesterday nite, i was in a similar predicament. Remembered that i cannot forgive myself for getting the car at the absolute wrong timing? I am still trying to get over that.

As of last nite, the pump price for Shell 95 is at $2.029 per litre after discounts. This is the 4th drop in price since i got my car 2 months back, having seen the price once soar to something like $2.30. To say the truth, i am very surprised by the drop in price. I used to have the impression that all petrol companies are single directional when it comes to pricing and any chances of increasing the profits made must be taken. So, having seen a series of drop in prices, i am gladly taking my suzie out for rides, something i wouldn’t imagine doing few weeks back.

So, i tot, i should take my chance and pump petrol when the prices are low ($2.029 is the lowest i see in my car possession days). I thought the prices will be going back up soon.

Just imagine my face when i see that the price today in the Shell station displayed $1.934 for Shell 95.

It dropped another 10cents overnite, meaning, had i waited, i would have saved $2.00 for the amount i pumped last nite.

Yeah. Another mis-timed incident in the life of me.