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Pierce photoshoot

Haven’t been exercising these days, so i forced myself to bring my bike out for some sweating session. Was delayed when i had to pacify my niece so had to pedal more furiously to reach Lower Pierce to capture the sunset.


Project Love Sneakers

A couple of days after my birthday, i went down to Novena Square with two pairs of my old running shoes. Running Labs had organized the Project Love Sneakers to get people like me to donate old running shoes to the needy (Salvation Army) in Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.

Now, there must be rewards for doing so. If not, I will take the trouble to go down there specifically on a hot saturday afternoon. And, i chose to go on the 19th because i will get a $70 voucher instead of the usual $50 on other days. And the offer is only available during 12~2pm.

When i reached the shop, i was pretty (but not really) surprised there was a crowd outside. There were several people queuing up, each with a pair of running shoes in his hands (there was no ladies in the queue). A counter was set up outside the shop with a guy inspecting every pair of shoes to ensure they are still in working conditions.

I joined the queue since thats what i came for. The guy at the front of the queue was rejected because his shoes were too dirty. The admin guy shook his head and advised the owner of the dirty shoes to wash and come back again if he wish to try again. The owner also gracefully accepted that his shoes were not presentable and went off. In a total contrast, the guy behind him came out with a pair that was almost new. This really caught the admin guy by surprise and he repeated claimed “Very good, this is very good~" and asked the owner if he was seriously donating the shoes off.

At this moment, i start to cast doubts on my pairs. Both pairs were Adidas and one pair was pretty old, around 4 years? while the other was around 2 years. The older pair was not worn anymore because it had uneven soles which made running very uncomfortable. Walking around was fine though. The other pair was one of my fav with the ClimaCool feature that really was very cooling on my feet. I gave up that pair of shoes because i think i should give it up to someone who can get a chance to wear something decent. The admin guy took a look at my shoes and said to me “I can only give you one voucher for these". While i was trying to figure out which pair didn’t make the mark, he said again “Only one voucher per person, both pairs are OK. Do you wanna donate one pair or both?" I thought, i am not going to come down again to get the voucher so i should just donate both. I gestured for both and he took them gladly and passed me the voucher.

Beside the voucher, i was also given a goody bag. I was not really expecting it, was kinda pleased and feeling sianz over it. I meant to go to take some photos after this and this good bag really was in the way. This unplanned baggage really spoiled my plans for that afternoon and i could only go home after this.

To satisfy my trigger happy finger, here is a photo of the goodies inside the bag.

The contents were one toiletries bag, one Clear shampoo, one Nivea sunblock, one Nivea mens facewash, one pack of Clorets, two bottles of VitC drinks and one small laundry bag. Not bad.

This donation drive ended in July.