My Sony Tablet S is here.

I finally caught onto the tablet faze when Sony launched their new tablet S 3 weeks ago. While there isn’t much of a reason why I should get one, I did nonetheless as I wanted something more handy, yet has more screen estate space for easy viewing. Sony’s ergonomic design and its compact design appealed very well to me.

Collected it today from Wisma Isetan.

I paid for the additional cradle and screen protector (which was already applied by the Sony salesperson). The black case on the right is a freebie.

The cradle in its box.

Its actually just a base that curved up.

Back of the cradle, the silver part can be adjusted with 2 positions to get different tilting angle.

Turning the cradle upside down and you can see the jack where the charger plugs in.

And now, the main star of the package.

There are the charger and a handstrap provided inside the box, some information slips and thats it.

The tablet S itself.

View from the side shows the asymmetrical shape of the tablet. It resembles a folded magazine,  designed so that holding it in portrait mode in one hand is much more comfortable.

View from the right side shows the physical hardware buttons.

The back.

The logo means that its PS certified. Currently, only 2 games are available, but Sony promises more to come.

The freebie casing.

The tablet in the casing. Its a realy snug fit and goes along with the tablet very well.


I am really happy with this so far (the tablet is still charging for its first 8 hours) but I will wait to see what it can or cannot do in the coming weeks.






RIP Steve Jobs

The passing of someone great, someone of Steve Jobs status, will inevitably invoke strong emotions from the masses. People starting writing his “famous" quotes on their Facebook walls, claiming like how Steve Jobs will inspire them to stay hungry for success.

Oh, so did Steve Jobs say those “famous" words just before he died? How can someone only start to inspire or motivate you when they are dead? Or do you only know of his greatness when he passed on?

Stop all this bullshitting please.

I won’t quote any of his words here. I am not going to write a 500-word article on how he turned Apple around. I am not going to list down his achievements or anything. It doesn’t create any value in cyberspace, except to join in the latest fad of claiming to be somehow, vaguely, in any sense having anything to do with Steve Jobs (and owning an I-product doesn’t bring you any closer).

I am not a fan of his products or company, but I appreciate what he has done for the technology industry. Steve Jobs is a genius who left a legacy behind, and it will be interesting to see how it goes without him.

Darn AAPL.

4th Oct was a very much anticipated day for many Apple fanboys. The Iphone5 has been rumored for a while, the fake version was even selling like hotcakes in China. Plenty of websites with the wish-lists of the new features Iphone5 can bring.

In the end, it almost came to nothing.

Read this.  It didn’t take a genius in you or me to figure it out why Apple was and has been so feverish in its legal pursuits against Samsung. It was almost like a natural reflex that they had to do so, and confirmed when the specs of the Iphone 4S was released.

Oh well.

Truthfully, I don’t want to see the end of Apple products. I don’t want Apple to go down like Palm. I want Apple to go on, to survive, so that my dear Android can have a reason to compete, to continue to improve and benefit users like me.

On a sidenote, I do and often trade in Apple stocks. AAPL has been a constant prick in my throat when I see that I am not earning much out of it. Please let me have one less reason to dislike this company. Darn.

Our babies are back!

A little of two years ago, we bought our bikes from Hup Leong.

It was like two weeks ago when I got to know that the first servicing within two years from purchase can be done for free. Not wanting to waste this free opportunity, I sent our bikes last weekend back to the same shop.

Heh. I see question marks. Bikes? Servicing?

Well, the bikes in question here are bicycles. And yes, servicing for bicycles is as common as servicing for cars, since they do consist of moving parts and are subjected to wear and tear as the parts in cars do.

While I was at Hup Leong when sending the bikes, the service guy did a check to determine which parts need replacement. Fortunately, the brakes are working well but the cables for both gear shift and brakes need replacing; the chain is also stretched and need to go as well. The owner Gilbert explained to me patiently why they need replacing and what I expect to see after.

During servicing, from what I understand, the bike is being stripped apart and cleaned. The crankset, cassette, front and rear derailleurs are being cleaned. New parts such as the chains and cables are fitted on, as well as any new parts. I saw the seat of my gf’s bike already in a bad condition so I got her a new one. How can someone who don’t cycle as much yet wear out the saddle faster?

So one week later, just yesterday, we went to collect back our bikes. They look almost like new. The chain and gears all showing their metallic shine, the frame gleaming in the sunlight. If not for the pre-existing scratches, they could have been sold for something new. I was so happy, I decide to pamper ourselves (my bike and me) with a new set of grips that I saw on ebay few days ago. Sidenote: buying these Crank Brothers Iodine grips from ebay will cost me almost SGD$50, but getting them from Hup Leong is like $28. It pays to NOT be impulsive when buying stuffs online.

Many thanks to Hup Leong and Gilbert for making this a very enjoyable experience for me, although it could have been better had my gf not had a bad fall last week.

Pearl & the Puppets – Because I do

張學友 1/2 Century 演唱會 – 新加坡第二場

There are only a few singers whose concert I will attend. The reasoning is simple, if I am paying to sit for 3 hours and listen, they had better be the best. And when it comes to chinese and canto pop, Jacky Cheung is, in my opinion, one of, if not the best you can find.

The title of the concert is named 1/2 Century because this year, Jacky Cheung hits 50 years old and a remarkable 27 years in the entertainment biz. I had bought the tickets way back in Feb for this, which was the 34th stop, 71st concert for his tour.

Got to our seats without any fuss. I had only bought the cheaper tickets so the view is what you see here.

He began the night with some tap dancing. No introduction, no song.

Then it began with a musical, starting off with “花花公子".

The gigantic screen behind showed a clip starring Jacky and Shu Qi as the lead, while on stage, Jacky acted out the musical with his dancers.

During this time, he sang the songs “小姐贵姓", “初吻" and “你是我今生唯一传奇".

This scene was during the song “你的名字我的姓氏".

But as the story goes, things didn’t turn out well after marriage between Jacky’s and Shu Qi’s characters…

From a rocky marriage to finding out why they loved each other was told by the songs “情愿", “一滴泪", “人在雨中" and “三分拍".

The ending was a heartwarming clip, showing some old photos of young couples and with their present looks.



“吻别(ROCK版)" followed by “LET ME GO" and “我应该".

After which, the screen started showing some shots of “肥姐" or “沈殿霞" or Lydia Shum, a famous Hong Kong celebrity who passed away in early 2008. She was also the god-mother of Jacky Cheung.

Song title is “月巴女且". Its actually taking 肥姐 and separating the characters to form the song title. He also did a leg split at the end of the show, which was a trademark move of Lydia, reminding us the professionalism of her despite her body size.

After the song, he chatted with the audiences, talked about his last album “Private Corner". He then went to the front of the stage, beside a piano and performed some jazz hits like “迷你", “情网(JAZZ版)" and “情人的眼泪".

The jazz section ended and he followed with “我真的受伤了".

What came was a short cartoon clip summarizing Jacky’s life so far, ending with the song “LIFE IS LIKE A DREAM".

He went on to perform “DOUBLE TROUBLE", “李香兰", “每天爱你多一些", “情书", “她来听我的演唱会" and “心如刀割".

And then came three of his best known rock hits. Before which, he said he had better dance while he still can.

The helpers getting Jacky ready for his coming dance and songs.




More classic songs like “一路上有你", “遥远的她" and “一千个伤心的理由". When he got to the song “只想一生跟你走", nearly everyone sang along. I never felt more moved by the atmosphere before.

The band at the sides of the stage revealed.

After thanking the backstage workers and everyone who made the concert possible, he performed the last song of the night, “祝福(JAZZ版)".

This is my first ever concert, and I was glad it was Jacky Cheung’s. He continued to entertain with his vocal power, his ability to make the audience feel with his songs and although at 50 and not as energetic as before, his commitment towards his singer career continues to show. He really lives up to, what others call him, “歌神".

Taiwan 2010 – Day 15 (Recovery)

I named this day as ‘Recovery’. Reason being that we were so emotionally and physically shagged out from the countdown this morning, and this was the last full day we have before going back home. It was all about recovery for the day’s agenda.

By the time we woke up, breakfast was unnecessary so we head for this well known place for lunch.

The queue was already there but this was an expected sight. Afterall, its not easy to find unagi rice as nice as this.

Grilled to perfection. My all time favorite Japanese dish.

Chicken and egg rice, she don’t fancy unagi.

Grilled and fried chicken sticks.

There was this building near our hotel which housed a lot of shops selling anime and mange related toys, there was also a official Gundam shop.

In between lunch and dinner, we did a little last minute shopping, got some local food stuffs for our parents and friends back home. Can’t stop eating too.

For dinner, we went to this shop famed for its braised minced meat rice (魯肉飯).

I don’t find it any more special than those I can find at roadside stalls. Kinda disappointing actually.

Pigs’ trotters.