A little of two years ago, we bought our bikes from Hup Leong.

It was like two weeks ago when I got to know that the first servicing within two years from purchase can be done for free. Not wanting to waste this free opportunity, I sent our bikes last weekend back to the same shop.

Heh. I see question marks. Bikes? Servicing?

Well, the bikes in question here are bicycles. And yes, servicing for bicycles is as common as servicing for cars, since they do consist of moving parts and are subjected to wear and tear as the parts in cars do.

While I was at Hup Leong when sending the bikes, the service guy did a check to determine which parts need replacement. Fortunately, the brakes are working well but the cables for both gear shift and brakes need replacing; the chain is also stretched and need to go as well. The owner Gilbert explained to me patiently why they need replacing and what I expect to see after.

During servicing, from what I understand, the bike is being stripped apart and cleaned. The crankset, cassette, front and rear derailleurs are being cleaned. New parts such as the chains and cables are fitted on, as well as any new parts. I saw the seat of my gf’s bike already in a bad condition so I got her a new one. How can someone who don’t cycle as much yet wear out the saddle faster?

So one week later, just yesterday, we went to collect back our bikes. They look almost like new. The chain and gears all showing their metallic shine, the frame gleaming in the sunlight. If not for the pre-existing scratches, they could have been sold for something new. I was so happy, I decide to pamper ourselves (my bike and me) with a new set of grips that I saw on ebay few days ago. Sidenote: buying these Crank Brothers Iodine grips from ebay will cost me almost SGD$50, but getting them from Hup Leong is like $28. It pays to NOT be impulsive when buying stuffs online.

Many thanks to Hup Leong and Gilbert for making this a very enjoyable experience for me, although it could have been better had my gf not had a bad fall last week.