I named this day as ‘Recovery’. Reason being that we were so emotionally and physically shagged out from the countdown this morning, and this was the last full day we have before going back home. It was all about recovery for the day’s agenda.

By the time we woke up, breakfast was unnecessary so we head for this well known place for lunch.

The queue was already there but this was an expected sight. Afterall, its not easy to find unagi rice as nice as this.

Grilled to perfection. My all time favorite Japanese dish.

Chicken and egg rice, she don’t fancy unagi.

Grilled and fried chicken sticks.

There was this building near our hotel which housed a lot of shops selling anime and mange related toys, there was also a official Gundam shop.

In between lunch and dinner, we did a little last minute shopping, got some local food stuffs for our parents and friends back home. Can’t stop eating too.

For dinner, we went to this shop famed for its braised minced meat rice (魯肉飯).

I don’t find it any more special than those I can find at roadside stalls. Kinda disappointing actually.

Pigs’ trotters.