This was the third handset launch that I have been to. The first one was for HTC Hero, which I was holding for nearly two years. The second was HTC Desire, which my gf bought and is still currently using. HTC seems to be the only one in the local scene to hold such events and I was gladly signing up to see them introduce what I had been planning to get.

Once I got into the venue, which was at 801 Margaret Drive, I had the feeling that this one was going to be different from the previous events. Its not just about the phone and its technical specifications anymore. One don’t see the event place crowded by geeks. It was more lifestyle orientated, more party kinda event. There was free beer, the crowd consisted of models, socialites, party-goers, celebrities and I felt so out of place with a camera in one hand and my aging Hero in another.

If the entrance looked like one into a club, it really was.

I was early, the event hall (converted from an old school hall) was still pretty empty. The night was still young…

The drinks counter.

The crowd started coming in.

How could I resist not having one of this?

By around 10plus, the mood was there and everyone was partying away. I guess I am the only one who was kinda bored since there was no introduction on the phone at all. I did get my hands on a demo set but there was so much I could so with at least 6 pairs of eyes trying to stare me off.

The five appointed ambassadors for HTC Sensation. Can’t remember who they are.

Against the Desire, the Sensation is longer and wider. Check out the curved glass edges.

HTC Hero (29/08/2009 – 10/06/2011)