December is really not the time to come Kenting, we realised. The weather was too cold to do anything, we even need to wear jackets inside the room. The main town of Kenting was also much quieter than it should have been, so it was really kinda pity.
We had arranged for a driver to bring us back to 高雄 station, and along the way, we were entertained by some old old variety program when 張飛 was much younger and 大小S were just coming onto the entertainment scene as singers. Super nostalgic.
We picked up our deposited luggage at 高雄 station and bought lunch boxes so that we can eat during the train ride.

We reached back to Taipei station and as planned, we deposited the main bulk of the luggage at the station and made our way to 新店站.

The business hours for the luggage deposit center.

The sign board outside 新店站 where we were to take the bus 1601 up to 烏來.

The bus was crowded, filled with locals who stayed up there at 烏來. We had to stand for most part of the ride.

After like an hour of ride, we arrived at 烏來. The hot spring hotel we booked was the 明月溫泉.

The sky was already dark by then, we had spent most of the day traveling.

In this hotel, the hot spring water source is controlled by the staff. Whenever we feel like taking a dip, we have to call the lady at the reception and the hot spring water will start flowing into the tub in our room and cut off at a pre-determined timing.

The tub was much bigger than the one we had before. Two of us could easily sit side by side and with room to spare. As usual, my gf who has a higher tolerance for hot water could enter before I can bear.

The hot spring water is odorless, colorless. Although I didn’t try to taste it, I knew it was some real spring water the longer I was dipped in it, I just had to see my unwrinkled fingers to know.

Dinner was provided by the hotel, it was really nice so that we don’t have to go out in the cold and look for dinner.

My grilled fish set.

My gf’s claypot chicken set.

After dinner, we decided to take a walk around this small town.

The street is like 九份, just a little wider, and with shops along both sides selling local delicacies and some eateries and restaurants here and there. Since we already had dinner, we just strolled around, took some photos and back to more hot spring.