It was extremely cold in the morning. The wind from the sea was a little wet, further freezing us.

Breakfast was something simple, just toast bread and coffee/tea.

Now that its all bright (but not sunny), we can finally have a good look at the hotel.

Very Greece-like in their deco theme.

View from the balcony.

I couldn’t take more shots from the balcony because it was unbearably cold up there.

This is the hotel we stayed. We stayed at the uppermost floor.

View from the hotel entrance, the street that separates the hotel from the beach.

This is the 船帆石, don’t know why its famous.

With such strong freezing wind blowing, we really couldn’t go anywhere. Plus it was drizzling a little, so we spent most of the day lazing around in the room watching telly.

Lunch was grabbing some foodstuffs from the 7/11 beside the hotel.

Lunch boxes. Despite the way they looked, they were surprisingly tasty.

關東煮. I have been eating this everytime I been to Taiwan, and only this time I found out that they taste much better with the sauces provided. Haha. Dumb Me.

After lunch, the rain had stopped. Before we return the rented scooter, we made a short trip to the nearby lighthouse.

Need to buy entrance tickets to the park, where the lighthouse is.

We took a walk down to the coast…

then back up again…

We spent like an hour or so here. It was nice and relaxing to be strolling around, observing the people here, the locals doing their activities and tourists posing for photos.

When we got back to the hotel, we returned the bike and rested for a while before walking to the main town of Kenting for dinner.

Although there was bus service, the frequency was like once every 45 minutes. No cab comes to the area where our hotel was. I didn’t want to rent the scooter again. So we had to walk. Along the roads where certain stretch was without streetlights. Against the cold wet wind. For an hour. It felt like road march.

The streets of main town Kenting, as seen here, were actually considered quiet and empty. It is a much more busier sight on the evenings of Friday and Saturday or during holidays, especially during the summer season when its the best time to visit Kenting.

Place for dinner.

These looked exactly like the Tonkichi I had back home.

Well, thats because its really is Tonkichi restaurant. And I was quite sad when the price I paid for a meal back in Singapore at Tonkichi, can easily pay for three in Taiwan. I am not eating Tonkichi again when I go back.