Its 3 days after the election results. Dust is beginning to settle and mood beginning to calm. The past ten days have been nothing short of exhilarating, inspiring, but also tiring at the same time. In the end, when the results were announced, when I finally settled down, I was made to think hard about what the results really meant.

The negativity of the results first.

1) The most hated mini-stars, WKS and MBT remained, albeit by a much smaller margin compared to last election. It was disappointing, heart-breaking even, I had expected and hoped so much to see them go.

2) The shooting in your foot system – GRC.

Foot stomping, tongue-tied TPL got herself an MP status by piggy-back onto our SM. Well loved foreign mini-star GY got booted out. Mr MP, as a minority, can get elected without going to a GRC. The system, its very initial intention already doubtful,  has stopped being a safe haven for PAP, and is like a tight slap across its own face for the situation it has created today.

I am saddened by the fact that a popular guy like GY, who has not done anything gravely wrong like WKS and MBT, who has already done his soul searching before the campaign, has instead become the first casualty from the PAP’s own invention.

3) The people’s MP, Mr CST, lost in his maiden fight for a GRC. He has fought for 20 years, as Potong Pasir’s MP for the people, solitary against the MIW. He worked for this people, without the financial assistance of PAP. He was sometimes, in his healthier days, changing light bulbs for his people without the press covering. His town council worked for this people, when help refused to come from stat boards. He quitted his lawyer job and worked full time as an MP. Ask, who else can claim to have done all this?

Yet because of the biased press/media, none of the deeds done by Mr CST ever got mentioned or raised. Such a people’s champion will never be openly recognized, never praised or rewarded. And because of the lack of open recognition for Mr CST, the people of Bishan/Toa Payoh will never get to know how much they lost.

4) Our leaders were not as ideal as I thought they would be. So disconnected with the people, an apology which was the minimum gesture, came few years late and mere three days before elections.

And although there was a marked improvements in less low-handed tactics, I still wished they can have more integrity. Re-drawing of GRC/SMC boundaries, last minute reputation smearing, baiting old citizens with food and transport to attend rallies should not happen. Using upgrading as a carrot is downright despicable, for the money came from all Singaporeans.

5) The ratio of pro-PAP versus those against stands at 60% to 40%. While this means that out of every 10 person, 4 are against PAP or pro-Opposition, I take it that there are still 6 person who can’t see the light. Whether it is because of fear, greed, lack of foresight, blind faith or whatever, I hope its not too late by 2016 for them to realize the truth, to get screwed badly by PAP’s policies, to get marginalized by the never-ending tide of FTs. Only then will daft singaporeans wake up to fight for democracy and themselves. But maybe, by 2016, it will all be too late. True blue singaporeans maybe a minority then, sidelined by the new citizens PAP has been so eagerly wooing.

6) The fear in civil servants are still knee deep. They continued to be held ransom by their rice-bowl, completely missing out who they are paid to serve. Being a singaporean, their first and fore-most duty is to ensure that the public can get served well, and only by having a just and clean government can that be possible.

I don’t despise the civil servants who voted out of fear. I pitied them.

What positive can we take from this election?

1) The people of Aljunied and Hougang have proved that, the alternate voice in parliament is ever so important. When GIC and Temasek lost billions, the policies that hurts singaporeans get passed, there was only a small voice then crying out for us. The people of Aljunied and Hougang have stepped forward, bravely so for the sake of all singaporeans.

Sadly, I can’t take much positivity from the results. While Worker’s Party has certainly done well in retaining Hougang and gaining Aljunied, I feel the future of Singapore is bleak. Singaporeans are still very much hanging on to their myopic and materialistic way of life. And so, the sunrise I was hoping to catch a glimpse of, never came.