As I mentioned before, because we brought little clothing, we had to do our laundry every few days. The plan today was to let the laundry run while we had breakfast.

Toast with soya bean drink and ice milk tea.

鮪魚蛋餅, tuna with egg pancake.

菜頭粿, fried carrot cake.

We went back to get our laundry, dropped them in the hotel room and went for our first destination, the island of QiJing (旗津).

We took the MTR, alighted and followed the signs to the harbor.

The ferry terminal which we took the ferry to 旗津.

The tower that greeted us when we got off the ferry at 旗津.

Basically, 旗津 or QiJin is a very narrow and long island running parallel to the coast of Kaoshiong (高雄). The island is famous for its fresh seafood, and the BBQ squid is one of the more well known snacks.

The last time we came here, we underestimated the size of the island and thought we could cover it on foot. This time, we knew better.

Our mode of transportation for the island trip!

Although it looked flimsy, felt seriously underpowered, every turn and corner potentially an overturn, the fun and excitement to be riding on the roads on this is indescribable. Pity I can’t get this back home.

The long and seemingly never-ending road along the coast.

The beach and its grayish sand.

A temple along the road.

We rode to this place for lunch. Had we silly gone on foot again, we would probably give up before reaching this place.

Before ordering, we had to buy vouchers like these. No worries here, since unused vouchers can be redeemed back.

Steamed fish. So fresh, so sweet, and yet so cheap.

Must order some veggies lah, if not unhealthy.

Scallops with celery.

BBQ pig’s trotters.

As the bike rental was for 2 hours, we had to be on our way back to the harbor after lunch.

Toot toot…

Bye bye QiJin. Till next time.

Actually, I thought QiJin was not as bustling as compared to my previous visit. For example, the numerous countless stalls selling BBQ squids were not longer found. The crowd only hang around the harbor area, nice places like our lunch venue were very quiet. I wondered if this place is slowly losing its appeal.

Shopping time at Shinkuchan or 新堀江.

We went back to our hotel room after this. I had to get one of this…

Can’t get enough of this.

The mini arena shopping center, 小巨蛋 as its known.

The night market, RuiFeng 瑞豐夜市 is a well known night market which the locals go to.

Big fried squid.

Queue number happened to be my favorite number.

Thailand style prawn fritters.


This night market is not all food. Stalls selling clothing, accessories and all sorts of stuffs.

And my GF spotted this brown pillow as one of the prizes.

And so I had a game. Haha…

The targets were those kidney shaped balloons about 3 meters away from where I stood.

The air-pistol I was to use.

The result.

We only need 28 points for the brown pillow. As the guy was trying to get the pillow down for us, I noticed a family of three beside us trying to see what they could redeem with the points they had. Apparently, they were short of two. I gave them what I had left.

Its time for more food after the game.

One of the stalls was this Mongolian Teppanyaki. What we had to do, was first to choose what we want from this…

and take as much as we can to fill this bowl…

There is a trick to doing this. Fill the solid stuffs like vermicelli at the bottom and veggies on top. Hand this to the chef and…

he will do the rest.


The rice, soup is free flow. Oh, the price list is as such…

After this, we were really filled to the brim and can eat no more. What a tiring and filling day!