At the start of 2011, i made a list of things I want to do in 2011. I noted all these down in my little journal and look at them every week. And it got me very excited this week because I can put a ‘tick’ beside two items.

One of which, was actually quite depressing. It was to sell away the things that I have no use for, and that includes my faithful Olympus SP-500UZ camera. I bought this camera back somewhere around 2005, then for a price of $599. It was a huge upgrade from the C350, and I adored it dearly.

Sadly, its fall from grace came when I bought the Fujifilm S100-FS in 2008. The final nail in its coffin is the NEX-3 that I bought last year. With five cameras between me and my girlfriend, the SP500 had little to no use at all.

And so with a heavy heart, I brought the camera to the nearest Cash Converter. Felt like someone who is bringing his pet for a euthanasia.

The second item, was more uplifting. Today, for the first time, i cycled to work and back. Although I find it quite troublesome to change clothes, being able to cycle in the early morning, cutting through the private housing, was extremely refreshing. Cycling back home, was a different experience. The rush hour traffic, all the people rushing to go somewhere else since it is Friday, the road was horrible.

But i hope to continue. Maybe not everyday, but more frequently that is.