PAP has revealed many faces so far for the upcoming elections. Here are my thoughts on what some of them have done or said.

1) Mr Desmond Choo

“I understand how the poor feel"

Extracted unedited from TODAYonline.

“As a child, Mr Desmond Choo lived in a maisonette and made annual trips to Hong Kong to visit his father who was working there.

But those trips stopped after his father’s antique business failed and the family was plunged into financial distress.

“From being able to travel to Hong Kong every year to see him, suddenly, we had problems getting pocket money," recounted Mr Choo, 33. He added that his father had to borrow money to put food on the table.

Mr Choo’s family later moved to a four-room flat where they have stayed for the last 15 years.

His family’s experience helped shape his mentality that “no one should be left behind regardless of their financial situation", said Mr Choo as he explained why he entered politics."

If Mr Desmond Choo believes that, having stayed in a four-room flat, he can truly empathize with the really poor people of Singapore, I think he’s not gonna be very correct. Some people in Singapore, like yours truly, have never stayed in a four-room flat before. And I don’t even consider myself “poor" because I have seen and heard people who are worse off.

2) Dr Janil Puthucheary

“I’m fully invested"

Found on many websites, this was what he said.

“As for criticism that he did not serve national service, as he became a Singapore citizen at the age of 35, the paediatrician said he has been in public service: ‘I’ve spent the last 10 years saving kids’ lives.'"

Yes, you spent the last ten years of your life saving kids who might have otherwise died. You came to be a Singaporean when you were well past the age for National Service.

Dr Janil, please make no mistake what National Service means to Singaporean males. We “used up" two very precious years, getting miserable allowances, and came found ourselves having to play catch up with ladies of the same age. Being a paediatrician was a job you chose, but we didn’t chose NS. You were paid, i believed, handsomely for this job, we weren’t. And did you really think, only being a paediatrician or a doctor, you are the only one doing a part for the country? Aren’t we all chipping in for the GDP so that our ministers and president can get a fat paycheck? By saying what you said, you have just brushed off the contributions of every other professions, from a bank CEO down to the cleaner in a kopitiam. I feel disgusted.

To be continued.