As we had to rush for early train today, we took our breakfast at the nearby KFC.

The menu was so different from what we had back home.

Chicken porridge with floss.

The train station was just across the road from the KFC. We got the tickets…

and waited around the platform.

And we reached!

View of the Tainan 台南 train station from the road outside.

There was this tourist information counter, where we got to know about the package bus cum tourist spots tickets.

This is the ticket which consists of the bus ride (unlimited) and entrance fees to three locations of your choice. You can get this package from the bus stop opposite the train station…

The bus was filled with screens telling you where you are at and what is the next location. Extremely useful for tourists.

First stop: Anping Old Fort (Fort Zeelandia) or 安平古堡

The entrance to the fort.

The history behind this old fort.

Lots of old cannons.

This display showed the weapons used by the Dutch during the attack, versus the…

locals and their less advanced weapons.

This is the statue of Zheng Ho, a local hero famous for defeating the Dutch who were occupying parts of southern Taiwan.

Before we board the bus again to the next location, its time to sample the local delicacies.

Fried oyster roll. Yummy.


Oyster omelette.

Prawn roll.

Meatball soup.

The next place was the 赤崁樓 or Fort Provintia.

Its to the 天後宮 after that.

And 孔子廟.

We left the place, having used up all the three free locations and paid for the last.

Its time to go to the local night market, even though its pretty early still.

On our way to the night market, we saw this. Believe it or not, this is actually the entrance to a cafe. And its the only entrance. Discriminating towards plump people ah?

These cubes of black tofu were actually solidified duck blood. A delicacy I cannot find back home anymore.

Stall selling cheese potato.

Almost a bargain.

Can be a whole meal if you are not a big eater.

Stall selling 棺材板, or bread with gravy.

Came like this. Open up and you will see…

Since it was still early and we were too full to eat another thing, we thought it was a good idea to play some games at the stalls.

Its more for kids actually.

The ammunition.

The reward.

It was time to go back to 高雄.

By the time we reached back, we felt hungry again. Hehe. Supper!

This last photo for the day is for 33.3%.