Its time for us to move to the next city, 高雄.

Breakfast is MOS burger at the railway station.

Reminder from MOS staff to wear more during the winter season. I find the human touch from Taiwanese very warming, and this is something I don’t get back home.

Our tickets.

Our breakfast.

We reached pretty early, too early to check into hotel. We deposited our bags at the railway station and hopped onto the MRT to station 糖廠.

We rented this bike, thinking that the area was huge.

Actually, the whole place was a old dis-used sugar factory.

Looked pretty eerily. I am not sure how the old run down place can survive as a tourist attraction. If I had known better, I would probably gone somewhere else to spend this few hours.

We went back to the station, where there was this 新光三越 that we could waste some time.

Lunch at the foodcourt.

We were given this red gadget after we placed our orders. It will vibrate, give out sound and lights once our orders are ready to be collected.

After lunch, we checked into the hotel 拉斯維加.

This is the second time we chosen this hotel. We liked the location, its just next to the railway station. We liked the thoughtfulness, the way things are arranged so nicely we couldn’t bear to take apart to use. Best of all, the room was cheap, around SGD$60 per night.

I found this stall right at the junction near the hotel, selling 蔥抓餅, something similiar to the Roti Prata I have back home.

Crispy, with fillings like ham, bacon, cheese, scrambled egg, tuna etc that you can choose. Its cheap too, only NT$35 for one.

This is the famous 美麗島 station, known for the colorful center hall. We alighted at this station to  get to 六合夜市.

Fried oyster omelette. Taste different from the one back home but came with much more oysters.

Stall selling 肉圓, or meat ball and it looked like this…

Not exactly in a ball shape, and its actually minced meat covered with some coating made of flour. Tasteless if not for the sauce. Not as bad as the picture showed.

Ice cold beancurd with red beans. Especially nice even though the weather was rather cold.

This stall sells gizzard of the mullet fish. I have not tried one before even seeing it so often in Taiwan.

One piece for $50.

I found it quite saltish, texture was a little hard but the taste not as over-powering. Ok to eat one little piece, I didn’t find it OK to buy one packet.

It was time to go back for supper. We bought some food back, since the walk from the night market to our hotel was a good 15 minutes. I had second thoughts about this fried eel noodles initially, but I regretted not getting a second bowl after i tried it.

It looked nothing much, but its easily one of the best dish I had in Taiwan.

Some grilled chicken and dumplings.

It was a good night sleep after all this.